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Hack 50 Terminals

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31 Jan 2020 31 Jan 2020
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If you have level 3 hacking skills, the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 has 8 hackable terminals.

- 2 doors facing south at ground level (Main Entrance, Turbine hall)
- 1 door facing north at ground level (Fuel Storage)
- 1 door on the roof if you take the stairs outside left of the Main Entrance (Roof Access)

Each door has a terminal inside and outside that can both be hacked. Enemies in the area are below level 10 so the only limitation is having hacking level 3

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HamsterLVI my oppinion, best guide! Thanks!
Posted by HamsterLV on 11 Mar 20 at 16:47
SeitzzReally great guide! Definitely the place to do it. Either server hop, or just pop in every once in a while to rack up 8.
Posted by Seitzz on 21 Jul 20 at 14:46
Matt1yuGood place to do it if you haven't been there much, but once you've got the Poseidon Access keys, the terminals cannot be hacked and the keys cannot be dropped or stashed.

Personally I finished it off at Arktos Pharma (southeast of Vault 76, southwest of Morgantown). There's one terminal at the entrance, one terminal in the lab at the back and another in the warehouse accessible from the back of the building. Unsure if there are any others. Maybe not the best place, but I never found any keys there that override the the terminals.

Also, terminals can be hacked again if you World hop, but only if you end up on a new World. So it might be difficult to do all 50 hacks in one session, as you'll end up repeatedly dropped into Worlds you've already hacked in. It didn't pop for me until the Challenge tracker reached 61/64.
Posted by Matt1yu on 10 Aug 20 at 11:57
Nandpretty sure it has to be 50 hacks done on a single character for the achievement to unlock. I have multiple characters and the achievement didnt unlock till the Challenge Tracker was at 71. So don't freak out if it doesn't pop right at 50. You may just need to do a few more
Posted by Nand on 17 Aug 20 at 23:09
Dr MartyDescription of door locations could've been a bit clearer. It is easiest to find them from the outside, instead of running through the facility itself. Once I found the terminals, it was really fast.

There is another computer in the front lobby for a total of 9 per run.

Enemies scale up with you.

And yes, all 50 hacks (and lock picks, bobble heads and magazines, etc) have to be done on the same character.
Posted by Dr Marty on 11 Dec 20 at 04:01