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Green thumb

Reach 1500 palaeobotany welfare bonus on a single island

Green thumb-1.8
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02 Feb 2020 02 Feb 2020
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There is actually an extremely fast and easy way to do this on Isla Nublar. You don't even have to change anything if you have already built things the way you like them, just create a save before you do this.

The other solution already describes how to get the green house so I'm not going to detail that, just follow these steps once you have it.

Go to Isla Nublar and once on the island press the three lines button on your controller. Now click sandbox settings, and make the following changes.
No Failed Incubations: ON
Dinosaur Disease Level: NO DISEASE
Dinosaur lifespan: UNLIMITED
Dinosaur Escapes: NO ESCAPES
Dinosaur social requirements: DISABLED
Dinosaur population requirements: DISABLED
Dinosaur habitat requirements: DISABLED
Dinosaur combat frequency: NONE
Herbivore able to initiate fights: OFF
Infinite Feeders: ON

With the settings this way, you can have an infinite amount of any type of dinosaur in any space and no matter how many penalties you get for modifying the genome, it will never fail to hatch. You also don't even need rangers because once you make the feeder and choose the plant it will automatically fill and never empty.

Couple more small tips that will make this go even faster. This is exactly what I did and I got the achievement in about 15 minutes. First, click on a Hammond Creation Lab. "RB" twice to upgrades. Add two hatchery upgrades and one incubation speed upgrade, all should be 4.0. Now modify the genome of the Mamenchisaurus. Choose the trait in every category that gives max rating. I got mine to 561 which incurred a -139% chance to hatch. Good thing I have on no failed incubations. Load up four in the lab and then press "right" on the controller cross pad. This will take you directly to the next lab. Apply the upgrades, load up another four, and continue until all labs are full. While they are cooking it's time to get the next phase going.
Go to the greenhouse and grow TREE FERNS, GINKGO, and CONIFERS. While they are growing, click enclosures, then feeders, then tall paleofeeder. Put 4-6 in every enclosure you have connected to a Hammond creation lab. By the time you are done placing them all, the plants should be grown, if not, wait until they are. Go to any one of the empty feeders. Click "X" to modify feeder, then select GINKGO, TREE FERNS, and CONIFERS, then "X" to confirm selected. Now, press "right" on the controller cross pad again to immediately go to the next feeder. Since infinite feeders is on, as soon as you go to the next one, the one you finished will immediately fill, and never empty. All that's left now is to wait for the dinosaurs to hatch. Once released they will go straight to the feeder. In this configuration I only needed around 20 to get the max rating but actually ended up at 1773 because I already had a bunch of other dinos in the pens from my normal game. As a result, your mileage may vary.

If anything is unclear or any further assistance is needed, let me know!
WhiteRookI like your solution but I don't think it's based off of total rating.

I released 20 Mamenchisaurus with their rating maxed (563 for me), and only got to 860 Paleobotany Bonus. That's only 43 points per dinosaur. Or, 40% of the Mamenchisaurus' base rating, 108.
Posted by WhiteRook on 11 Jun 20 at 22:56