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Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 14 on Long Night Of Solace on Legendary difficulty

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07 Feb 2020 07 Feb 2020
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This Data Pad can be found on the level 'Long Night Of Solace" on Legendary Difficulty. Have the sprint ability.

Simply proceed through the first building until you are climbing the stairs to get to the jet. DO NOT enter the jet as it will trigger a cutscene and take you to the next part of the level which we do not want.

Halfway up the stairs you must turn and jump to the left platform. Climb up the little beam and crouch jump to the step that is above you on the antenna. You must then turn and face the next platform behind you and sprint jump (as why you need the ability) to reach it.

Crouch jumping here might help on this jump too if you are close to the edge and just not making it but I got it on my second attempt (climbing the little spire seemed to be the tricky bit for me).

I made a video to help:

Hope this helps.