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Complete all activities in a single Festival Playlist Series.

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07 Feb 2020 07 Feb 2020
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I thought I might supplement Phoenix's guide with a couple of extra tips.

How often do you have to log on?- Once every 3 days, but also on the last day of Autumn.

It's worth knowing when the game 'refreshes' - that is, when daily challenges activate/disappear and when the season changes. In the UK it happens at 14:30. Work out when it happens in your region by looking at an upcoming daily challenge and seeing how long it is til it activates.
Daily challenges are active for 3 days. This means that a challenge that activates at 14:30 on Thursday won't expire until 14:29 on Sunday. To give an example of how you can stretch this out and get every daily challenge done without playing daily, you could play the game on a Sunday morning and net the daily challenges for Thursday, Friday and Saturday in one sitting. Hang around for the refresh at 14:30 and complete Sunday's challenge. Finally, come back Thursday morning to finish off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's challenges.
The times will change depending on your region but as you can see, you technically only need to log in twice/3 times a week. You don't need to stick to this routine either, but just make sure you bear these times in mind and just make sure you log in at least every 3 days.
Important! You must log in before the new Summer season activates and complete the Autumn daily challenges. Because of the 3 day cycle, it is technically possible to finish Autumn's daily challenges 2 days into Summer, but the achievement will be void.

Playground Games - do I have to? - Yes, but it can be surprisingly painless.

This is down to luck, but you can use good judgement to ensure you waste the least amount of time.
People on losings sides quit. The smaller a team gets, the more difficult it is to win, the more people quit. In my experience most of these games end because an entire team disconnected, which spells an automatic win for the remaining team.
So what can you do? If you find yourself unlucky enough to be on a losing team, don't fight it. Just quit and search again. Soon enough you'll find yourself on a winning team.

The Trial

Not much to add here, except: This is a team game! Race cleanly with your teammates! If you and two other teammates are in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, it doesn't make a difference who comes where. So don't jostle for position and risk messing it up for all of you. And if you find some idiot on your team who is ramming and going for glory, give them a wide berth and let them pass.
As for your opponents, they're all AI, so race them as dirty as you like.
Skate 323I just had a update for this today. I was working on the encore! Achievement. I already had 100% on summer. Today I would of had 100% on autumn. However my dailys have been partially reset. It is now saying I only have 2/7 dailys for summer. Autumn says I only have 6/7 now as one of the first dailys I already completed is expired. I did however pop the perfectionist achievement somehow after loading the game after the update this morning.
Posted by Skate 323 on 17 Jun 20 at 15:05
Skate 323Upon loading the game today 7-01-20 all my percentages for each season are back to 100%. Seems they fixed the issues!
My Encore! Achievement has just popped upon completing the last daily challenge. However A creature of habit and stunt puller have not popped unfortunately.
Posted by Skate 323 on 01 Jul 20 at 14:01
DARK NEWFIYup autumn has just done the same to me.
Posted by DARK NEWFI on 17 Jul 20 at 13:02
Amethystine@Whats a Chundy
Have you also 100%'d Summer, Autumn and Winter, as well, over the past three weeks? If so, then yes, when you finish the last daily in Spring, it should be all done.

The achievement is for doing all 4 seasons' worth of activities (known as a Series), and the cycle always begins in Summer, so if you're just starting now, you'll have to wait until next week to begin with the new cycle, the new Summer, then follow through the rest of the seasons, of course.

To reiterate, if you're just starting now with Spring, it won't count toward the next cycle of seasons, which will be Series 25, which will start next Thursday July 30th and run until Thursday August 27th.
Posted by Amethystine on 24 Jul 20 at 15:41