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Chain reaction

Kill 50 Zombies in a row without missing a shot.

Chain reaction-0.1
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07 Feb 2020 07 Feb 2020
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I found the earliest you can achieve this is on level 1 (Dead Ahead) by starting the level on easy and putting 4 player zombie spawns.

Progress through the level until you reach the first safe room and after exiting and then opening the gate you'll see zombies coming out of the train car. Just stand near the bottom of the ramp and have them come up to you and shoot them and you should get this in under a few minutes.
Keddy KnowsUsing a shotgun makes this achievement a lot easier. Hope that helps if you’re struggling.
Posted by Keddy Knows on 10 Feb at 04:06
Hannibalking519Its bugged for me. Got 250 kills without missing, no achievement
Posted by Hannibalking519 on 28 Feb at 06:56
CayusezEasy if you use a shotgun. I got it in the aquarium when defending the gate with those crawling things.
Posted by Cayusez on 17 Apr at 17:29