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This is no Sunday School picnic!

Complete the Campaign on Hard difficulty.

This is no Sunday School picnic!-1.1
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08 Feb 2020 08 Feb 2020
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You CAN Do This Easily By Having Someone Who Has Beat The Game On Any Difficulty Just Start Up The Last Level Of Each Chapter And You Will Get This Achievement By Beating It On Hard....Just Did It And It Worked.
x TheWorstGamer@nikoyroslav .. Not sure why people are downvoting. I can confirm this method works. Just did it today. Thanks! 🙂
Posted by x TheWorstGamer on 09 Feb at 21:20
einbrecher87Is there a tracking system or overview where I can see which chapters are completed on hard difficulty/4Players?
Posted by einbrecher87 on 09 Feb at 21:31
bLaKgRaVy@x TheWorstGamer, people are downvoting because some people are being holier than thou and thinking that using an exploit like this is cheating.
Posted by bLaKgRaVy on 10 Feb at 04:53
using an exploit like this is cheating.

I've not downvoted and am fully aware that this is an achievement site.

However, my personal opinion on this is that it IS cheating. You can dress it up as an "exploit" or "it's in the game" or "the game designers messed up, its their fault" but the fact remains that if you have not done it legitimately then you have actually "achieved" nothing at all.

I also hold that opinion about people who fire up a game and just follow a walk-through without making any effort to actually play and learn the game.
Posted by aLackofGravitas on 12 Feb at 15:27
Nioh^ it’s not cheating
Posted by Nioh#3508 on 12 Feb at 18:29
NikoyroslavWhen Did This Become Cheating¿
Posted by Nikoyroslav on 12 Feb at 19:38
bLaKgRaVy@aLackofGravitas, so you've never looked up any kind of assistance for any achievement you've ever unlocked? Is that what you're saying? Because if you have, by your definition, you've cheated. Not just by following a walkthrough for an entire game, just one solution to one achievement, because according to you, that's cheating. If you haven't, which I highly doubt, why are you on this site? For the tracking? roll

You or anyone else cannot dictate how I play a game when it has no affect on you. Why would you even bother to care what someone else does when they play games? There are so many other things in this world that do matter and do make a difference. Why not try to do something about that?
Posted by bLaKgRaVy on 12 Feb at 22:11
aLackofGravitas@bLaKgRaVy Calm down dude - did you even read my reply?

My point is that if you've not done an achievement legitimately then you have cheated the game. Does it matter? Of course not, but it's still cheating and to pretend it isn't is just disingenuous.

On walkthoughs, I was talking about people who don't even bother to play the game but go straight to the walkthough. I've used the occasional walkthrough or help video - does that mean I think I cheated? Yes.

This particular achievement is for completing the game on HARD and if anyone follows this guide then they haven't done that - how can you say that it isn't cheating?

I'm not saying people shouldn't do it - I couldn't care less - but at least have the personal integrity to know that you cheated.

I can understand why someone who has every MCC LASO achievement but not a single par-score achievement would feel personally attacked by this stance ;-)
Posted by aLackofGravitas on 13 Feb at 08:34
NikoyroslavLove This Conversation!!clap
Posted by Nikoyroslav on 13 Feb at 20:10
The SCHWARTZ 00It's not cheating if the devs didn't take proper steps to prevent this from happening in the first place. Taking advantage of an oversight from the devs is not the same thing as cheating, and it's disingenuous to conflate the two.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 15 Feb at 00:17
Fueled by RageI bought the game so I can play it anyway I want. Besides, if it's in the game it's hardly cheating.
If it does bother people they can submit a complaint to the developers.
Posted by Fueled by Rage on 15 Feb at 05:26
Taking advantage of an oversight from the devs is not the same thing as cheating, and it's disingenuous to conflate the two.

Let’s say that your local city has a marathon - there are a lack of marshalls and timing points so you join in with half a mile to go and don’t get caught.

Now, as you are proudly wearing your completion medal, tell me you haven’t cheated.

Just to clarify for the people who have difficulty comprehending - I don't mind or care that people do this and will most likely do some of the trickier ones myself like this - I just enjoy watching the mental gymnastics a certain type of person goes through to justify it as not cheating. I only replied to the first guy because he has ALL the really really difficult MCC achievements but NONE of the moderately challengingly ones you have to do legit.
Posted by aLackofGravitas on 15 Feb at 08:12
The SCHWARTZ 00Even if you're right, I mean, does it matter in the end? The last chapter of a mission in most games are typically the most difficult anyway. Who cares if you can beat some filler missions in-between.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 16 Feb at 00:40
bLaKgRaVyI got the LASO achievements in MCC using someone’s checkpoints. I don’t feel guilty in the slightest.
Posted by bLaKgRaVy on 16 Feb at 01:11
I got the LASO achievements in MCC using someone’s checkpoints. I don’t feel guilty in the slightest.

I know you don’t and that’s cool. Just stop saying that an exploit is not cheating. At the very least you cheat the talented players who actually get these achievements legitimately out of TA points. Have a great day 😀
Posted by aLackofGravitas on 16 Feb at 10:30
AzaLizaHere come all the dumbasses thumbing you down because they dont like the method. Hey pricks, instead of disliking.... just play through the whole damn story as you would normally? there's a thought. Can't wait till they implement an option to turn voting off. hate when people abuse the votes just because they dont like a certain method. ugh....
Posted by AzaLiza on 18 Feb at 02:35
aLackofGravitasYou're having a forum meltdown because SIX people down-voted in 2 weeks? Wowza.
Posted by aLackofGravitas on 18 Feb at 15:05
LowKlass101Worked like a charm. You can make it easier on yourself on set the enemmy set up on one player
Posted by LowKlass101 on 26 Feb at 12:58
WhataLumpV2Tip is useful to know. The voting system is abused on the site & has been for years. I don't upload anything anymore to facilitate stalkers and the lunatic fringe on the website.
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 28 Feb at 00:40
X30 EngerlingIs it possible to adjust the en my setup to 1?
Posted by X30 Engerling on 20 May at 12:18
WhataLumpV2Didn't you even notice the enemy density set-up on your own screen?

Set density to 1-Player. Then ideally, play with 4 players, and if you really are lazy, load the last section of each chapter to reduce what you have to do.
Posted by WhataLumpV2 on 20 May at 14:26