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A Fleet to Call My Own

Acquire each type of ship in the game.

A Fleet to Call My Own-0.3
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Pink Freud PhDPink Freud PhD417,107
08 Feb 2020 08 Feb 2020
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All of the ship types available in the game can be found for sale in Neketaka's supply shop, accessible from the city map. Purchase all the ships listed (prices are before any reputation discounts). Without any discount, you need a total of 275k.

Sloop - You begin the game with one of these
Voyager - 20,000
Dhow - 35,000
Galleon - 100,000
Junk - 120,000
GakkieI can,'t buy the dhow there??
Posted by Gakkie on 29 Feb at 00:16
Pink Freud PhDDo you own it already? I 100% confirmed got it from the Neketaka supply shop.
Posted by Pink Freud PhD on 02 Mar at 14:29
VAS taijynDo you need them all on one save? Or can you buy one, reload save, buy another, reload save, etc. etc.
Posted by VAS taijyn on 03 Mar at 10:54
Pink Freud PhDYou need to have them all at once.
Posted by Pink Freud PhD on 07 Mar at 02:17
Sir SpinkThumbs up. For Gakkie’s comment - the ship merchant In the west part of of town sells ships but NOT the Dhow. Dhow was only for sale in the “supply” shop on the bottom / middle of the screen when trying to move from one city zone to another.
Posted by Sir Spink on 12 Jun at 02:04