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Assembled the Majority

Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 18 on The Pillar Of Autumn on Legendary difficulty

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09 Feb 2020 09 Feb 2020
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This is a guide so you dont have to shoot any enemies.

The Pillar Of Autumn - rally point Bravo

go forward a bit then Grenade Jump over the wall on the right side where the fence ends. If you crouch at the end you'll make it.

Run the same direction you started, when you reach the open area take a left and go up the stairs. Go to the end of the building. Grab the sniper if you want.

Go right across the bridge, on the roof go right again and keep going for a bit.

The data pad is on the left behind a part of the roof that sticks out
Not The SelkieJust to help visualise this grenade jump - at 3:30 in the below video the speedrunner uses a concussion rifle to make the jump.
Posted by Not The Selkie on 19 Mar 21 at 08:24