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Insane Master

Completed tournament 8

Insane Master-0.8
1 guideOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.
17 Feb 2020 17 Feb 2020
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In Tournament 8 you don't get to pick your robot and fight, instead you have to play with all your 8 robots.

Since you have to play with all your 8 robots, going for the
Insane RobotsSuper TeamThe Super Team achievement in Insane Robots worth 277 pointsUpgrade your 8-robot team to average health 40 or more and average slots 6 or more

will make Tournament 8 so easy you won't even need to read this guide.

There is a cheap way to beat Tournament 8 (and all tournaments) using the save trick:

You won a battle? Save&Quit
Reload Tournament
You lost a battle? Quit without Saving
Reload Tournament

Area 1
You fight with 4 of your robots against 4 Elite Sentries
Elite Sentries have around 20 Health and some my have the Deep Clone augment that allows them to respawn once with around 10 health.

Area 2
Exactly the same as Area 1 but this time you play with the other 4 robots you didn't get to play in Area 1

Area 3
Here you will fight with your surviving robots from Area 1 and 2 against the Kernel
The Kernel has a whopping 100 health, if you have the Attack Harmony, this is not a hard battle, especially if you reached Area 3 with all your 8 robots.