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Collect every type of creature core.

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Jesus Del PozoJesus Del Pozo123,754
20 Feb 2020 20 Feb 2020
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i found this video, maybe can help.

Darksiders Genesis - Skip Leviathan's Landing Challenge 3 + Easy Challenge 2

THX to Shandrazel
FireRaiser1985Lol. And I did it legit...
Posted by FireRaiser1985 on 21 Feb 20 at 20:09
LyzyrdEdit: Nevermind, right after posting this I got it with the method of setting jump to X and hit it a couple times and I was up there.

Does this still work? I have been at it for over an hour and the method in the video is either just too hard for me to get or doesn't work. Also tried setting the Jump and primary attack to X and mashing it, and that isn't working either.
Posted by Lyzyrd on 13 Mar 20 at 15:45
K4rn4geAwesome that worked like a charm. Got it with the spamming X method !
Posted by K4rn4ge on 14 Mar 20 at 17:31