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Mint III

Collect all Boatman Coins.

Mint III0
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22 Feb 2020 14 Mar 2020
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The description for this achievement is quite misleading. You don't have to collect all boatman coins, you just have to get to the "Mint III" quest tier.

To complete this quest you have to collect a total of 350 Boatman Coins

I've achieved this at Chapter 14 and collected every coin I could with the gear I've had until then. I did not went back to previous levels with new gear.

I would recommend to search the levels thoroughly until you find the map stones of every map, because with the map at hand every collectible in the level will be marked on your map so you can easily see if you forgot a coin.

as ImaginaryRuins pointed out to me, the next Mint quest-tiers are not visible in the log until you have claimed the rewards from the previous tier. so make sure you collect your rewards in the menu if you want to see how far you are.
ETERNAL INFERNOIf you upgrade using the Boatman Coins with Vulgrim before you reach the 350 required for the achievement are you able to still get the achievement?
Posted by ETERNAL INFERNO on 23 Feb 20 at 03:09
w00kiemanyes, the quest for the coins gets updated everytime you collect one, the counter doesn't go down if you spend the coins
Posted by w00kieman on 23 Feb 20 at 08:46
ImaginaryRuinsDoes this quest appear automatically? I just reached Ch.13 and have collected every single boatman coins in previous chapters, and Mint II completed long ago. But Mint III doesn't seem to appear in my quest log.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 08 Mar 20 at 15:25
w00kiemanIt should automatically update to the next tier, at least it did on my playthrough.

If you are having trouble finding more coins, you could also take on the arena if you haven't already, coins are part of the rewards for the arena missions. One of the Trickster Keys is also a reward for a mission.
Posted by w00kieman on 08 Mar 20 at 15:44
ImaginaryRuins@w00kieman, turns out Mint III kept the count itself; it didn't show up in the quest log all the while. Achievement unlocked no problem. I almost thought my game glitched.

Another note, many of those of boatman coins in the Void give more than one coin at a time (x3 or x5), so they can help speed up the collection process.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 10 Mar 20 at 11:05
w00kieman@ImaginaryRuins, oh okay, didn't know that until now, thanks!
Posted by w00kieman on 10 Mar 20 at 13:40
ImaginaryRuins@w00kieman, finally found out the true reason: I never claimed any of those side quest rewards. It turns out, unless you have claimed the reward for Mint I, for example, Mint II would not appear in the log, and unless the reward for Mint II is claimed, Mint III would not appear. This also applies to other quests which have more than one tier.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 14 Mar 20 at 09:39
w00kieman@ImaginaryRuins ah that makes sense, thanks for pointing it out, just updated my solution!
Posted by w00kieman on 14 Mar 20 at 12:26