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Collect every type of creature core.

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This walkthrough comes straight from steam wich can be found here.
Credits to Omega Ridley

Collect every type of creature core.

Notes: This one is going to take a LONG time, even tho you technically only need the first level of every core, so you won’t have to grind out every core to level 3. That being said, some cores are rare, and one core in particular requires you to tackle a secret platforming challenge inside the Void to acquire it : The Leviathan Core.

The game has a total of 67 Creature Cores, separated into three main categories : Attack, Wrath and Health. Most orbs you’ll get from simply playing normally, as demons have a decent chance of dropping one upon death.

However, there are a lot of Cores that are not available through loot and drops, and will have to be purchased from Vulgrim. He’s got fixed versions you can purchase once, and randomized versions which will give you a randomly selected Core from a certain Chapter pool. The second option is great after beating the Arena, as you’ll have plenty of souls to spare.

Keep in mind: There’s one demon that doesn’t spawn anywhere other than in the Arena, the Corrupted Tidehunter. You’ll also need to beat the secret boss unlocked by opening all Trickster Doors, as he also has a core to drop for your collection.

Ulck Pointed out that there is an easy way to get one of the Leviatan Cores without too much trouble.
you have to assign X to the jump in the settings and then spam jump with War to get the core. Hope it can help, because I had a lot of troubles with the double jump-wings-etc. combo.

Credit to the video goes to Ulck. Thank you for bringing this to my attention

Here is a video on how to do it the normal way if you feel so inclined to do so.
Credits go to KyKiske7 for making the video.

In order to help you, I’ve also created a list of every Creature Core available in the game, in the order that they appear in the menu:

Number Name Type
1 Grubling Attack
2 Feral Tidehunter Attack
3 Spectral Angel Attack
4 Stormcaller Attack
5 Angel Champion Attack
6 Nephilim Brute Attack
7 Armored Flea Attack
8 Flame Legion Attack
9 Armored Legion Champion Attack
10 Scarab Queen Attack
11 Fallen Hound Attack
12 Molten Hound Attack
13 Void Magus Attack
14 Gholen Attack
15 Stinger Attack
16 Nephilim Vindicator Attack
17 Astarte Attack
18 Legion Boltsplitter Attack
19 Slag Demon Attack
20 Moloch Attack
21 Hollow Fiend Attack
22 Ashworm Attack
23 Jailer Attack
24 Leviathan Attack
25 Fallen One Wrath
26 Grub Wrath
27 Tidehunter Wrath
28 Corrupted Tidehunter Wrath
29 Slag Flea Wrath
30 Acid Flea Wrath
31 Legion Wrath
32 Skeletal Soldier Wrath
33 Skeletal Archer Wrath
34 Legion Champion Wrath
35 Demonic Geomancer Wrath
36 Trauma Wrath
37 Shadow Caster Wrath
38 Wraith Wrath
39 Dagon Wrath
40 Dreadwalker Wrath
41 Blight Cannon Wrath
42 Legion Siegemaster Wrath
43 Wicked Killington Wrath
44 Construct Champion Wrath
45 Corrupted Angel Health
46 Inferno Angel Health
47 Tidehunter Shaman Health
48 Scarab Hulk Health
49 Flea Hulk Health
50 Hellhound Health
51 Ghoul Health
52 Legion Bomber Health
53 Demonic Magus Health
54 Toxic Scarab Health
55 Fallen Husk Health
56 Borrower Health
57 Suffering Health
58 Phantom Guard Health
59 Duskwing Health
60 Broodling Health
61 Legion Shieldbearer Health
62 Mammon Health
63 Belial Health
64 Grinner Health
65 Houndmaster Health
66 Angelic Beast Health
67 Tormented Gate Health
IKillsafeThanks for this tutorial, i used the video but changed it up slightly, i was having trouble with accuracy while gliding so what i did was glide to each one and just as i was above the next stepping stone, I would stop gliding and press Y for wing clip. this would stop the glide instantly and the kick would give me a second to see which way i needed to adjust before landing. Once i done this i got it after two tries.
Posted by IKillsafe on 09 Aug 20 at 15:19
UlckI'd like to suggest to add at the solution the video that I made to get the Leviathan's core. The video of Jesus doesn't work anymore and there is an easier way to get the core: you have to assign X to the jump in the settings and then spam jump with War to get the core. Hope it can help, because I had a lot of troubles with the double jump-wings-etc. combo.
Ulck playing Darksiders Genesis
Posted by Ulck on 21 Aug 20 at 07:07
evil terrorrThank you Ulck ive added it into the guide.
Posted by evil terrorr on 21 Aug 20 at 15:44
HealttiThe air combo spam still works, on the freshly patched win10 version. I will say though that @Ulck makes it look very easy. Your mileage may vary! smile
Posted by Healtti on 26 Sep 20 at 14:48
W1ntermutedcombo spam still works got it very first try! thanks!
Posted by W1ntermuted on 26 Oct 20 at 04:10
Dokter VI got the "Corrupted Tidehunter" Core at the Boss battle in Chapter 12: The Maelstrom. The minions there are Corrupted Tidehunters.
Posted by Dokter V on 28 Oct 20 at 19:38
Doc BuddhaI have the corrupted tidehunter cote and have only played the first couple of arena levels so it must be collectable in story mode.
Posted by Doc Buddha on 04 Feb at 08:40
corpirateThe combo spam worked for me - but I was at it for 5-10 minutes. I was button mashing the hell out of it but War kept spinning his sword mid-air and slamming in to the ground rather than going any higher. In an effort to negate this combo I tried slowing down my button mashing and got up quite quickly after that. Perhaps it was just luck.
Posted by corpirate on 22 Feb at 00:50