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Defeat Moloch without taking damage.

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23 Feb 2020 23 Feb 2020
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Alright this achievement isn’t as bad as I thought plus I figured out a easy method.
For the first phase just shoot and dodge then when his sword starts glowing that’s when the crystal’s start. Also in his second phase it will attack twice so be ready to dodge twice. To avoid the crystal’s use Strifes Y ability world ender it makes you invincible and you can’t take damage so use it once or twice then get ready to dodge. Once you get him down to a quarter health use your Rage which you are also invincible hope this helps.
Good luck!
Feiffer05An added tip for this is that you can start fighting him and if you get hit just pause and quit the game to the main screen. Once you load back up, your ammo and health should be replenished but you wont loose your Anarchy bar. You can use this trick to fill it up all the wat before fighting for real. On Casual, he died from within one activation of that when he is a little bit below half health.

Also, for some reason, with this trick he will start to always get taunted by the Shadow clones if you are using that core. Downside of thusbmethid is that crystal animations become weird and you can only see the pink mark of the crystal on the ground, not the crystal itself.
Posted by Feiffer05 on 05 Mar 20 at 04:35