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On my own

Win a game without any Survivor in your deck

On my own0
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24 Feb 2020 24 Feb 2020
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This follows the same path as many of the other achievements.

Start a game with 1 day, everything easy as can be.

You'll be aiming for two things. Your destination can't involve any people (i.e. only needs food or wood to complete) and then you'll be looking for ideas up top that you have to sacrifice people to (i.e. the red bar through the survivor symbol). As you'll start with 4, you'll have to look for 4 different ones (as you typically don't want to complete the ideas, as that will just add people back in your hand). If you get a destination with people as a requirement, just restart until you get one that fits.

Alternatively, you can have survivors scavenge, which might kill them, which you actually want for a change. But that only seems to happen when you don't want it to. :)