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Cancer A

Solved the first Cancer riddle

Cancer A-0.4
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Cheevo GuidesCheevo Guides461,328
25 Feb 2020 27 Feb 2020
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“Twenty times I risk my life without failing where a diabolical trinity appear.”

In Doki Doki Rush, get a "Risky" 20 times without dying. I did this by getting very close to the cars in the traffic.
illdizzogI think this might have to be in one life. Can anybody confirm? I feel like I did it two or three times with deaths but the first flawless run it popped on the first set of train tracks.
Posted by illdizzog on 27 Feb 20 at 07:44
Cheevo Guides@Illdizzog Yes without dying. Sorry I updated it. I'm going to add a video guide in the next 24 hours to this💪
Posted by Cheevo Guides on 27 Feb 20 at 08:09