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Perfect Explorer

Discover 100% of the Explorer Notes on the ARK.

Perfect Explorer-5.9
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26 Feb 2020 13 Apr 2020
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To make this nice and simple, pause the game, enable the console (cn_LB+cn_RB+cn_X+cn_Y) and type GiveAllExplorerNotes. After this make sure you click on the Admin Command button next to the text box.

The game may freeze for quite a while, but leave it running and eventually it will sort itself out and your achievement(s) will unlock.

I have done this today, so I can confirm it currently works.

Edit: YODA12320 has informed me that it works on the Windows version as long as your game is up to date.

Edit 2: From PsiScream - “I originally had the same issue as jotg05. If Perfect Explorer is your last one and it's not popping, try this. Quit ARK, go to manage game and addons, scroll down to saved data, highlight and click your profile - choose 'delete everywhere'. Beware - this will delete all your saved data locally and in the cloud for this game. Then launch ARK, scroll to the very top of the middle column, and select 'delete all singleplayer data' and then 'delete dedicated server data'. Then launch the Island and use the code. This finally worked for me after 3 previous failed attempts.“ - Hope this helps some of you who haven’t managed to unlock it.
BebsideJust tried this as I only needed the last 3 notes from the Genesis Season Pass (Didn't want to pay £26 for it) and can confirm it works screen froze up for about 3 Minutes, then the chieve popped. Great find. clap
Posted by Bebside on 26 Feb at 14:15
K4rn4geWorked like a charm and it popped this AND all of the note based achievements that I needed in the base game and title update! Thank you so much. Great find! No DLC required either!
Posted by K4rn4ge on 26 Feb at 19:02
Viridisx13Glad it worked for both of you! toast
Posted by Viridisx13 on 26 Feb at 19:03
SKOOT2006Amazing! Thank you!
Posted by SKOOT2006 on 26 Feb at 20:31
BlenderKittenWorked perfectly!
Posted by BlenderKitten on 26 Feb at 20:49
MrMcNugget367You are my savior
Posted by MrMcNugget367 on 26 Feb at 21:46
FightclxbIs this a new command or just one that has only recently been found? Will be testing it out when I can, thanks mate!
Posted by Fightclxb on 26 Feb at 22:25
Viridisx13Not sure if it’s a new command but today is the first time I’ve seen it. I’m just glad it works!
Posted by Viridisx13 on 26 Feb at 22:32
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Feb at 23:21
the games mastaJust to note this didn’t seem to work on PC version - so downloaded again on x1 and worked first time smile
Posted by the games masta on 27 Feb at 00:12
TweakXDon't know if anyone has had it happened but I just tried this and it crashed the game. I'm going to try a again now
Posted by TweakX on 27 Feb at 00:20
Viridisx13Hi TweakX, did it crash as in quit to dash or did it freeze? If it just froze, leave it until it unfreezes, it could take a few minutes.
Posted by Viridisx13 on 27 Feb at 00:26
StK IWhooo no dlc and saved a bunch of typing. Awesome find!
Posted by StK I on 27 Feb at 00:43
The CherishedThis didn't work on the Windows 10 version for me either, just a heads up.
Posted by The Cherished on 27 Feb at 02:17
HawkeyeBarry20I hadn’t found a single note yet, put in the code and had 11 achievements pop. My game did close down after that but it worked perfectly!
Posted by HawkeyeBarry20 on 27 Feb at 04:50 I guess I should try to update the walkthrough now.

This must be a new addition.
Posted by Sashamorning on 27 Feb at 05:45
Ms DudetteThank you for posting this information...worked great.
Posted by Ms Dudette on 27 Feb at 08:55
FightclxbRounding back on this to confirm this indeed work for Xbox One. I hit the 90% achievement pretty quickly and then it sat there for a solid 2 minutes before the 100% achievement popped.
Posted by Fightclxb on 27 Feb at 11:14
MC PHILABUSTAYou kick ass !
Posted by MC PHILABUSTA on 27 Feb at 12:54
EddieM1974Apparently doesn't work on Win10. Only a couple of achievements unlocked. Will have to redownload the game on my X1 to see if it pops the remaining 4 Explorer Notes achievements for me.
Posted by EddieM1974 on 27 Feb at 13:00
Viridisx13I’ll edit the Win10 info in
Posted by Viridisx13 on 27 Feb at 13:05
ShepeleOmg thanks!!
Posted by Shepele on 27 Feb at 17:38
Viridisx13Hi zRampaage, did you write it exactly as it is, with the capitals etc? Then click the apply button?
Posted by Viridisx13 on 27 Feb at 17:43
zRampaagenvm just got it after deleting my saved date and making a new world thanks tho
Posted by zRampaage on 27 Feb at 18:40
DANIELVSBest find ever, thanks! clap
Posted by DANIELVS on 27 Feb at 19:04
KanchanaburiThank you. I almost purchased the recent DLC several times but didn't, as i believed there would a method to get this done. And look, there was and always has been. It just took a bit of 'time'.

PS, the game froze for almost 5 minutes before it unlocked, but it did unlock. Be patient and don't turn off the game otherwise it may glitch.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 27 Feb at 19:08
o Jeff D oWorked a treat. Thanks.
Posted by o Jeff D o on 27 Feb at 20:19
YODA12320I got it to work on win 10 make sure you've got it upto date as there was a 74 GB patch yesterday.
Posted by YODA12320 on 27 Feb at 21:00
Viridisx13Awesome, I’ll update the solution again
Posted by Viridisx13 on 27 Feb at 21:01
KillerDanny boyWhat a star.saved so much time
Posted by KillerDanny boy on 27 Feb at 21:17
Scottish NutterCan’t seem to get it to unlock them all shock

Edit: I had to delete my save from everywhere, restarted game and once in with a new character thy unlocked.
Posted by Scottish Nutter on 27 Feb at 21:40
MidwestMonsterXPopped a couple others, weirdly enough, such as the Apex Predator achievement although I clearly don't have all the achievements.
Posted by MidwestMonsterX on 27 Feb at 22:16
Smoky BrennethJust as an aside (and possibly worth putting in) click on Admin Command after entering the code 😅

Although my console softlocked; the achievements all popped one after another including Veteran Paleontologist and this one on the console becoming accessible once more; although crashing the game to exit.

Now I just need Cure-all and Master Zoologist 🤙
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 27 Feb at 23:34
LeGagnanThanks for this awesome solution! The achievements popped right after clicking on admin command, then the game crashed and back to the dashboard.
Posted by LeGagnan on 28 Feb at 00:52
Viridisx13Good call Smoky Brenneth, you can never be too thorough with these things.
Posted by Viridisx13 on 28 Feb at 01:13
BryanRPhAmazing find. Thanks
Posted by BryanRPh on 28 Feb at 01:16
TinCannEdMy Alt had never even played the game. Started up, created Character & begun. Paused, did what you said & after 30 seconds, 11 Achievements popped. claprockheadspin Great Job.
Posted by TinCannEd on 28 Feb at 01:50
Bandit721Wow, thanks so much for this! Worked great, though I couldn't get it to pop with my Win10 version, I had to delete all saves on both the Win10 and XB versions...started a new game on my XB and it popped a few seconds after entering the admin command.
Posted by Bandit721 on 28 Feb at 03:49
Leap Of Faith77Great guide, worked like a charm.
Posted by Leap Of Faith77 on 28 Feb at 04:06
Seamus McLimeyAh the sweet sound of diamonds. Great find!
Posted by Seamus McLimey on 28 Feb at 04:29
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 28 Feb at 07:30
MsrossDownloading 93Gb just to unlock the achievement?

dont mind if I do!
Posted by Msross on 28 Feb at 07:58
ElusiveEagleI never started this game after I learned you had to buy the DLC, but I jumped on it now! All 11 achievements popped in a matter of less than 30 seconds (I'm on an X1X). Thanks!

NOTE: The game's menu never seemed to load after I used the aforementioned admin code. All 11 achievements popped (wonderful!) but every time I'd start the game and select "START", the game would sit there saying "Loading..." in the bottom-right corner. I figured out that deleting my game save from "everywhere" (cloud and local) seemed to fix the issue.
Posted by ElusiveEagle on 28 Feb at 08:33
Sneeches@msross - I did the exact same thing lol.
Posted by Sneeches on 28 Feb at 08:39
AleisterHWindows 10 here. I installed the 72gb update now, got into the game and put the code, brake for 3 minutes and returned to normal, all the notes, including the last 3 of the Genesis DLC were there, but the achievement did not appear. I deleted the save, created another one and tried again, and the same thing happened. I restarted the computer, deleted the save, created another one and it's also the same.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Posted by AleisterH on 28 Feb at 11:07
WewbiaOh my gosh i wish i knew of this command when i started playing lol i had to put in the command to find every single one but im glad someone found an easier method!
Posted by Wewbia on 28 Feb at 11:57
XeroEncryptionJust an FYI that I didn't bother downloading this and it worked on Project xCloud as well — and it still froze but only for less than 30 seconds since multiple Xbox GPUs are running in the cloud wink
Posted by XeroEncryption on 28 Feb at 12:24
Jakk DannielzDude, I owe you a beer! Nice one! Now if there was a tame all dino's one...🤔🍻🍺
Posted by Jakk Dannielz on 28 Feb at 12:32
Penguin McCoolCan confirm all 11 unlocked, i even used project Xcloud to do it on my phone.
Posted by Penguin McCool on 28 Feb at 12:47
Badman BradshawI've been waiting for this day - did manual for all of them but missed out because of the achievements. I didn't care enough to pay any form for the dlc that I would never play so massive thanks for this new solution :D
Posted by Badman Bradshaw on 28 Feb at 12:50
GuruThaGreatDoing this crashed my game and sent me back to the dashboard, but all the achievements still unlocked. Guess it just saved me the trouble of closing out the game myself haha.
Posted by GuruThaGreat on 28 Feb at 13:41
Raheam XYup!!! Still working and in the process of allowing all the achievements to pop! ^_^
Posted by Raheam X on 28 Feb at 17:32
BlinkFandangoIIJust did this on XCloud on Android, all 11 achievements popped.
Posted by BlinkFandangoII on 28 Feb at 18:18
SaP RaZzorViridisx13 : exists
Everyone liked that
Posted by SaP RaZzor on 28 Feb at 19:33
IrrotationalJust to confirm, I also got most of the achievements straight away but the final one took another couple of minutes, just sitting and waiting.

Bagged my 75 reward points too!
Posted by Irrotational on 28 Feb at 21:40
A DEAD B0DY MANWhy is this ta ratio so high? I can command/ type the whole gamerscore?
Posted by A DEAD B0DY MAN on 28 Feb at 22:10
smoli83Mine was a bit glitchy - I had a wireless keyboard and mouse plugged in to do the typing, and I had to restart the game to get it to recognise the keyboard, then had to click 'disable keyboard and mouse' in the start/esc menu to get it to recognise the controller so I could hit LB RB X Y, then click 'enable keyboard and mouse' so I could type in the code. Then it glitched after doing all of the notes achievements except the last one (perfect explorer / 100% of notes), so I restarted the console and the game (twice) and finally did the above steps again, did the code and hit 'admin command' and... nothing again, so I typed the command again, and hit admin command again, and... it finally froze the menu and the last achievement popped...! Lol! I guess that is the price to pay for such a powerful shortcut! :D Thanks for posting OP!
Posted by smoli83 on 28 Feb at 23:04
BLAKKNWYYTEThank you my dude. I got them all, quickly and with no problems. I'm very grateful for this solution.
Posted by BLAKKNWYYTE on 29 Feb at 00:09
Posted by LRD SOTH on 29 Feb at 00:15
Inspector 74Fantastic work my friend, maximum kudos to you man, many thankstoast
Posted by Inspector 74 on 29 Feb at 00:36
Sitop ApenI got this to work on the Windows 10 version, but I am not updated to the most current version so that is why. Just to let you all know!

I believe I'm still on 794.12 but I"m not positive about that
Posted by Sitop Apen on 29 Feb at 01:51
XxJesusNinjaxXAnyone having issues getting them all to unlock when doing this on W10?

Had some of them pop then some of them not pop..

Posted by XxJesusNinjaxX on 29 Feb at 02:01
ツCoCayneツPerfect thank you! xbx
Posted by ツCoCayneツ on 29 Feb at 03:37
JoeVargasWorks perfect
Thanks @Viridisx13 smile
Posted by JoeVargas on 29 Feb at 03:59
JustAnotherJayOmg, perfect! Got that last achievement for 100% - you rock!
Posted by JustAnotherJay on 29 Feb at 06:05
My DeliriumThank you. It didn't work for me the first couple of times, I removed the full stop at the end of the command & then after the 2nd attempt it finally worked.
Posted by My Delirium on 29 Feb at 09:14
karexieit isnt working for me on either xbox or pc - its just sitting there and not accepting the command - im on the latest version of both - any thoughts?
Posted by karexie on 29 Feb at 09:16
Iggsy81Worked perfect for me first try, tyvm m8
Posted by Iggsy81 on 29 Feb at 10:28
Achilles8249I can't enable the console command ,it just sits there. Any ideas?
Posted by Achilles8249 on 29 Feb at 12:27
Obscure AleAllowed me to get the final achievement without buying the DLC and also gave me a reason to try the xCloud beta I never got around to.
Posted by Obscure Ale on 29 Feb at 12:51
YazFromAlcatrazWorked like a charm and 75 Microsoft Rewards points!
Posted by YazFromAlcatraz on 29 Feb at 13:14
TALLCHAPOWorked great! Thanks!
Posted by TALLCHAPO on 29 Feb at 13:15
Nv DefinesThis didn't even freeze my game long like I expected, only about 20 seconds. All 10 explorer note chievos plus Veteran Paleontologist as well.
Posted by Nv Defines on 29 Feb at 15:21
SpeciallyTDerpMine froze for about 3 mins, then the achievement popped!
The game appears to have died though xD
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 29 Feb at 16:53
jotg05Popped all the other achievements but this one won’t pop! I’ve tried multiple times on Win10 and X1. The game only freezes for 5 seconds, I still level up however.
Posted by jotg05 on 29 Feb at 20:39
PopoMBi have the same problem as jotg05 :'(
Posted by PopoMB on 29 Feb at 21:08
Jakinator178Thanks a bunch! Hello again 91 gb of free space!
Posted by Jakinator178 on 29 Feb at 22:16
Moat CarpIf you don't unlock it with your barrage of achievements early on - don't freak out. It took an extra couple of minutes for this to pop. If you're unable to return to the game after punching the code in, that means it's still processing. So, go to the bathroom, bake a cake, and do whatever else until this achievement pops.

After this pops, you'll probably get a slew of in-game messages and like a map update that I'm sure that you really couldn't give a shit about. You should be able to return from the pause menu after.
Posted by Moat Carp on 01 Mar at 03:11
TheWhiteR4bbittI just want to confirm the code worked (Xbox) and I am glad I rewaited on attempting this achievement because I tried twice and it glitched both times ... It took a bit to pop (somewhere in the 5-10 minutes maybe?), then another few minutes before my game was responsive again.

Thanks for this!! I literally re-installed it just to give this a go (and it lined up with the Xbox Game Pass Quest haha Win/Win)
Posted by TheWhiteR4bbitt on 01 Mar at 07:30
PjsprojectsWorks great, did take around ten mins on a 1X to unfreeze.
Posted by Pjsprojects on 01 Mar at 12:46
cable67Works great. Took less then 30 seconds for everything to pop
Posted by cable67 on 01 Mar at 16:55
AceRunning current windows version (fresh install today) and was unable to get it to pop, going to try on Xbox once it downloads, will update if it works there.
Posted by Ace#4617 on 01 Mar at 19:38
Jakinator178Thanks a bunch! Hello again 91 gb of free space!
Posted by Jakinator178 on 01 Mar at 20:51
The Bort TheA+ mate.
I'm so glad this exists. I hate when they change achievement requirements and force you to purchase DLC where none was required before.
Posted by The Bort The on 01 Mar at 23:37
PsiScreamI originally had the same issue as jotg05. If Perfect Explorer is your last one and it's not popping, try this. Quit ARK, go to manage game and addons, scroll down to saved data, highlight and click your profile - choose 'delete everywhere'. Beware - this will delete all your saved data locally and in the cloud for this game. Then launch ARK, scroll to the very top of the middle column, and select 'delete all singleplayer data' and then 'delete dedicated server data'. Then launch the Island and use the code. This finally worked for me after 3 previous failed attempts.
Posted by PsiScream on 03 Mar at 03:51
ChaoticSoldierI was able to get every achievement except this one on Win10. Fresh install and everything was up to date. Installed the game on Xbox and entered the command and it unlocked right away.
Posted by ChaoticSoldier on 04 Mar at 19:03
blueamcatJust had to do exactly what PsiScream did. Delete everything and start a new island and voila! All done. Thanks man!
Posted by blueamcat on 06 Mar at 07:44
NoobgamerValbostill works, and was instant for me (xbox) , didnt have to do anything else than what the solution stated
Posted by NoobgamerValbo on 11 Mar at 06:21
Dragon Metz1didnt work for me fuIIy :s got 805 achievements but not the 90 or 100% :(
Posted by Dragon Metz1 on 11 Mar at 09:44
BobbyTasticFor those of you stuck at a certain percentage, you can manually unlock individual notes with the command GiveExplorerNote #. The # representing whichever number note you want unlocked.
If you want a foolproof way to unlock all the achievements, you can also unlock the notes one by one this way.

To our Playstation-owning friends, this detail is particularly helpful since using the GiveAllExplorerNotes command on PS4 leads to the game crashing entirely before all trophies are awarded.
Posted by BobbyTastic on 12 Mar at 06:29
Tydeanany idea why the admin command didnt give this one and the 90% achievement
Posted by Tydean on 21 Mar at 08:15
Viridisx13Not sure, it’s possible they changed how it works in a more recent update? I already uninstalled the game, Sorry! headspin
Posted by Viridisx13 on 21 Mar at 10:47
ChronicEviiLStill worked for me, but I only had the DLC ones left to go, was super annoyed I couldn't complete it, but this is great! Not even mad I spent the 6 hours teleporting to each individual location for the rest a couple months ago toast
Posted by ChronicEviiL on 30 Mar at 22:56
Du4lity M4uditWorks without purchasing the Genesis Pass DLC. I'm playing ARK through Game Pass.
Posted by Du4lity M4udit on 06 Apr at 18:23
IRL Games XWOW!!!! THANK YOU that saved so much time!!!!! Game crashed afterwardslaugh
Posted by IRL Games X on 07 Apr at 16:50
ACrtnShadeOfR3dConfirming this still works, but I had to delete my data after doing it the first time. I think it unlocks so many at once the first time that some systems are not catching up and unlocking this last one. So, nope, you still don't need the DLC at this time! April 10 2020
Posted by ACrtnShadeOfR3d on 10 Apr at 07:38
ugliTried on Win10 with latest version. Didn't unlock.
Posted by ugli on 13 Apr at 21:45
Viridisx13If you scroll up a bit to PsiScream’s comment, give that a go. I’ll edit it into the solution
Posted by Viridisx13 on 13 Apr at 22:02
FULL Hache DI was having problems in Win10. Not only was unable to unlock further than 80% but I had to uninstall the game after the code because it stopped popping any achievement. Each time I tried GiveAllExplorerNotes I had to unistall the game so other achievements would pop.

Fixed like the others above: installed the game on Xbox, open it up, deleted the save game in all locations, stated a new game and enter the code. 80%, 90%, 100% and All Achievements popped!
Posted by FULL Hache D on 14 Apr at 13:46
MrToxiCatI typed in the command and it only unlocked 50% of the explorer notes. Is it because I’m on PS4 or is other people having this problem.
If you know how to fix it please reply :)
Posted by MrToxiCat on 15 Apr at 18:26
MrToxiCatPsiScreams your an idiot I did what u said and it deleted all my work on ark and my skins thank you 😡
Posted by MrToxiCat on 16 Apr at 07:16
LukasMaximus IIBack your saves up frequently^
Posted by LukasMaximus II on 16 Apr at 12:46
Beware - this will delete all your saved data locally and in the cloud for this game.
Maybe you should try reading, MrToxiCat.
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 16 Apr at 14:32
JonathandlmGiveAllExplorerNotes failed for me as well in the PC version. The achievements unlocked up until 80% of the notes. I tried restarting, deleting character, resetting the app, ... nothing helped.

Then I tried to use the GiveExplorerNote {#id} with a new character where I would increase the ids from 1 to ... I could follow my progress on the percentage of found notes with the unlocks of costumes. But alas, no achievements came with the costumes connected to 90 and 100%. I continued a little further to be sure but stopped unsuccessfully at explorer note id 506.
Posted by Jonathandlm on 21 Apr at 07:55
UltimatePresi99Hello Jonathandlm can i ask how many explorer notes there are in total and am i right so i have to type GiveExplorerNote id 1 or GiveExplorerNote id 01 whats the exact code u put in for these numbers
Posted by UltimatePresi99 on 23 Apr at 09:24
ALI900The PsiScream edit helped.

YOU must delete your local/cloud saved data in order to get this again on a new save. Follow the instructions if you've been duped by the win 10 version.
Posted by ALI900 on 24 Apr at 18:54