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You raised all skills to their highest level

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26 Feb 2020 26 Feb 2020
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Not a guide as such but a handy way to make this seem less daunting to do. im at the stage where everything in the game is done and i just need the kuban for this achievement. i turn the game on for 5 minutes each day and get 2 million kuban for doing barely anything. from what i read online you need 280 million total so from scratch by doing this method it would take 140 days.

i send my exploration team out on the weekly mission for kuban. i give them 6000 of defence supplies which is usually food or meds i have made from my base supplies.

i then let my crew do the first base defence dig mission and i suffer no damage or losses while doing this.

so the next night i log in i check on my exploration team and they have successfully earned me 1 mil kuban so i resupply them and send them back out.

then i do the 2nd half of my base defence dig and this gets me another million kuban and a few extra orange items. DONT FORGET to start the first half of your next dig straight after. i have forgotten a few times before myself.

a small tip for the explorers supplies try to stock as many of the same 3 or 4 animals as you can so each day you can empty all your cages out and have a lot of the same stuff and i grill this food and use it for defence supplies.

also check your base defences every few days and see if a few turrets have run out of ammo and disappeared (depending on your base setup obviously).

what a crap achievement
MomijiOutside of idling this way the best xp farm ive found is mission 24 of the story, with a booster you can pull 2.4mil per run at about ~20minutes a run
Posted by Momiji on 15 Mar at 17:27