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The Force is Strong With This One

Reach Rank 50.

The Force is Strong With This One-1.9
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Dr MartyDr Marty769,553
27 Feb 2020 04 Mar 2021
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By now pretty much everybody knows that co-op is the easiest and fastest way to level up quickly.
This is just a few tips that got me lots of XP and a quick time calculation to let you know how long you'll be grinding to rank 50.
When you reach level 50, the achievement pops when you join a new/different server.

Tips that got me to a max of 63,000XP/round (188,000XP/15min on triple XP day):
- Only play the First Order co-op missions because you will be able to use Phasma. As of the current update, she is an absolute beast!
- Try to get your 4000 battle points as quickly as you can and then choose "respawn" from the start menu and select her so that no one gets the chance to use her before you.
- Upgrade her Blaster Inspection and Easy Shot boost cards. This will allow you to almost continuously use your rifle without ever cooling it down.
- Make good use of your Survivor feature and use Not Hard Enough. This will get you out of difficult situations and gives you virtually unlimited health.
- Stay out of the thick of it. Snipe enemies from a medium distance.
- Avoid enemy heroes. They take too long to kill because Phasma causes very little damage against them. Focus on the other enemies. This way you'll rack up your XP really quickly and don't get light-sabered by Rey. (So annoying)
- With this strategy I get around 120 to 150 kills every round.

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Time Required:
- You'll need around 7,000,000XP to get to rank 50.
- The first 25 ranks are only around 10% of your way to rank 50.
- Starting at level 25, every rank will require you to get exactly 245,400XP
- Once you get good at co-op and have leveled up your units, you should be able to at least get 40,000XP every round (I reliably get between 45,000 and 60,000XP per round). [but you can insert any XP average you like to calculate your time to grind. For this example, I will use an average of 45,000XP]
- One round takes around 15min, if you are attacking and win, or if you're defending and let the attackers reach the last point.
- Therefore, you should get the following XP:
- Single XP days: 180,000XP/h and it will take you 39h to reach rank 50.
- Double XP days (Weekends): 360,000XP/h and it will take you 19h
- Triple XP days (Wednesdays): 540,000XP/h and it will take you 13h.

One more tip to see how much XP you already have:
- There is no good way in-game that I can find to tell how much XP you've earned. But there's a great way on TA...
- Go to the SW:BF2 TA game page and click on "compare [with friend]" and the total XP will be listed in the top section of the table.
- One little caveat: It seems the TA site does not count double or triple XP. It will only record the base XP you get in the game.