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I'd Like To Thank My Mother

Win every award in a single hospital

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27 Feb 2020 09 Mar 2020
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Note that this is a compilation of things that helped me acquire this very early as opposed to a complete solution. First off your going to want to do this on a hospital that you have already gotten three stars on as you won’t have to worry about losing money, rep, etc. Also your going to want to do this on one of the first few maps as the awards are the easiest as they are different in the later hospital. You do NOT need to get all awards in one year just get them at least once over the years in the same hospital. Once you have gotten the last award you needed note that it won’t pop immediately. You need to click the overview tab and then scroll over to where you can view the awards and then it will pop. Not sure why this is the case but it popped immediately once I looked at the awards.
The easiest map to get this on for me was the second map. Your going to want to start by getting three stars on the map getting as many of the awards as possible. Make your hospital the most efficient one as possible by keeping the prices low until there is a surge of people coming in with lines then jack the prices up to 30-40 percent and people will pay most of the time because the hospital is mobbed. Your going to want to buy the gold star award and fill all of your buildings with them enough to get them to level five prestige. It’s a very overpowered item as just a couple can level up your prestige making it one of the best items in the game. This should help you get the most prestigious award.
The two hardest awards the only ones I actually had any trouble with were the janitor of the year and no deaths. For the no deaths utilize quick load by saving every month or so and if you get a death just quick load back and once you get to the awards at the end of the year it will pop. The hardest one is the janitor of the year was the hardest and last one for me and what I did was hire a 5 star janitor right at the beginning of the year and purchase the rose bush with Kudosh and in the other building put up like 40 of them. They need watering very often so just keep watering them all year long fixing the machines when needed so you don’t have fires and take short breaks as few as possible. By doing this focusing only on this as your last award then you should have no problems.
If you have any questions please comment I’ll be sure to answer. Thanks if you downvote please let me know why!
JackD ol no7The rose bush strategy worked great and so did lowering the prices! I used the first map since I already had the no death award and for the assistant award I just used 1 assistant throughout a year and fired any others.
Posted by JackD ol no7 on 28 Feb 20 at 00:33
jimmyclutchmanGlad I could help!
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 28 Feb 20 at 05:32
sKyNeXu5thanks for sharing your tips! worked great with the rose bushes
Posted by sKyNeXu5 on 28 Feb 20 at 12:59
ninjaraiden2003Yeah, thanks for this. I had gotten them all previously in Flottering naturally while I was going for my world class Psychiatrist.

Through my own ignorance/misinterpretation I thought the achievement had to be for being awarded all 8 awards at the same time for a single year!

Jump back to Flottering and opened the Awards screen on the Overview menu and it popped right away. Thank you! +1
Posted by ninjaraiden2003 on 28 Feb 20 at 16:21
TrueBlueOllyThanks for sharing got this in third hospital didn't unlock till I read about going into the overview menu
Posted by TrueBlueOlly on 29 Feb 20 at 01:19
jimmyclutchmanYour welcome thanks for the thumbs up!
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 29 Feb 20 at 01:53
SteadySphereThanks for this! I had this done in Mitton Uni but didn't realise you had to look at the overview tab, unlocked it thanks to your guide +1
Posted by SteadySphere on 01 Mar 20 at 21:04
OzzysShadyDiscoThanks for the tip about the overview menu!! 👍
Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 02 Mar 20 at 00:04
NafrayuNoxI am doing it on Mitton because of no reason at all. I got all of them except No Deaths on almost every single year now. I did not even think about abusing the qui saves though xD thanks for the tip I'll get it for sure next time 👍
Posted by NafrayuNox on 02 Mar 20 at 03:02
Thetoptom007No Deaths You can Cheese if you don't hire any staff then no patients stay in the hospital long enough to die. But make sure you do it last as you probably will not be winning any of the other awards that year!
Posted by Thetoptom007 on 02 Mar 20 at 19:58
OnsidicI also got this on the second map, i had won all awards, played some more and moved onto next hospital not thinking about cheevo. When i read this, i loaded up map and went back to the second hospital again and went to the awards screen (X, RB, RB, overview, LB LB) and the achievement popped straight away.
Posted by Onsidic on 03 Mar 20 at 16:51
CensorErikIII got it in the first hospital. The janitor award was the last one I got. I put a bunch of plants down and assigned one of them to only water plants. Then I kept 'calling' him to water them. I played the year sped up and got the award in a flash. I did have to open the awards screen again as well to get the achievement. Thank you for the tip! Wait...🤔
Posted by CensorErikII on 04 Mar 20 at 10:38
MAJORPOOPYAnother way to cheese no deaths is to send any low health patients home. When their little low health icon pops up, send them home. Save monthly just in case one of your idiot doctors or nurses messes up a treatment.

I did it my first year when all I had was a GP and a Pharmacy. They tend to only send patients needing a GP and pharmacy in for awhile. Dismiss anyone else for facilities you don't have for the first year.

The other awards will come naturally through play on a decent hospital.
Posted by MAJORPOOPY on 05 Mar 20 at 06:23
jimmyclutchmanI tend to disagree I played for over 5 years and did not get janitor of the year but hey you got it so. Hope my solution helped somehow!
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 05 Mar 20 at 18:40
fallouthirteenYeah, I finally got janitor on first hospital by placing like 13 rosebushes and only having one janitor water them.
Posted by fallouthirteen on 09 Mar 20 at 00:54
Once you have gotten the last award you needed note that it won’t pop immediately. You need to click the overview tab and then scroll over to where you can view the awards and then it will pop. Not sure why this is the case but it popped immediately once I looked at the awards.
My god, this explains everything. I thought you had to get them all in one year. Thanks!
Posted by segagamer on 15 Mar 20 at 07:54
jimmyclutchmanYour welcome! Thanks for the up vote!
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 15 Mar 20 at 18:59
MFS SaltypopThis is not working for me, says i have received 1 of each reward on my hospital but not all in the same year, just is not popping for me. have even looked at the overview page.
Posted by MFS Saltypop on 17 Apr 20 at 15:56
jimmyclutchmanYou looked specifically at the page that shows the awards??
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 20 Apr 20 at 19:31
HashtagWabisabiI’m having the same problem. I’ve unlocked all the awards in a hospital and it’s not unlocking.
Posted by HashtagWabisabi on 02 May 20 at 08:40
Chizzle e4Well I’m the third unlucky one then...
Posted by Chizzle e4 on 08 May 20 at 23:18
JohnnyKoiwell it didnt unlock at first to me also, but i visit the awards tab and it pops instantly
Posted by JohnnyKoi on 21 May 20 at 19:20
Mike731What johnnykoi said.
Posted by Mike731 on 27 Jun 20 at 15:29
thebritt2001Didn't know it only worked from the Awards Tab. I already knew I had done it, but had to open that tab to get it. Thanks!
Posted by thebritt2001 on 10 Nov 20 at 04:50