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Dr Know

Train a World-Class Researcher

Dr Know-0.1
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27 Feb 2020 27 Feb 2020
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For this achievement you will need to train a doctor to research V.

Research is unlocked on the Mitton University map which is the 4th/5th map. Upgrades for research will need to be researched before they can be trained.

In order to level up in any skill they will need to be promoted which is through experience indicated by stars below their level (student doctor, student nurse, intern janitor etc) then trained. A simple way to get experience is putting a doctor into the GP's office since that has alot of patients.

There are only 5 skill slots per staff member so you will need to have 1 doctor reaching senior consultant only learning research.
GSUxAWESOMEAchievement doesn't want to pop for me, I have a level 5 researcher, but nothing has happened yet. Will update if I can figure out how to get it to pop.
Posted by GSUxAWESOME on 18 Mar 20 at 01:14
Ryan D StimoIf you are going for 3 stars on every hospital. Pelican Wharf asks to train 1 researcher to level 5.
Posted by Ryan D Stimo on 28 Mar 20 at 12:41