One Night Stand Review by WeAwokenTheHive

28 Feb 2020
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One Night Stand Review

My rating: 6/10
Optimum completion time: 1 hour with a guide
My completion time: 2-3 hours, part using a guide

Who’s it for?
- Gamers who enjoy point and click style games
- Achievement hunters
- Those looking for a cheap 2-3 hour thrill
- Those after a simple game to couch controller share with your significant others

One Night Stand is a point and click / digital novel style game from Kinmoku - currently their only game on the Xbox Live Store, and published by everyone’s (sometimes least) favourite publisher, Ratalaika Games.

First of all to say, for a Ratalaika game this really isn’t all that bad. This is my first ever visual novel completion and I did have some fun for the first one hour or so of playing.

In the game you play as a young male who was woken up in a female strangers bed, believing to have had a – as the game’s title may suggest – a one night stand. You wake to your friend trying to contact you to get an explanation of what happened, and everything from there develops on the decisions you make, and items you interact with.

There are many items scattered around the room that instigate a variety of dialogue pieces with the unnamed female. During my first few playthroughs, I felt that there was something more sinister at play and that the game would take unexpected turns to surprise endings. However, I was mildly disappointed how most of the endings turned out quite predictably.

That said, some of the dialogue on the way to your first few endings can be rather amusing. Some of the more comedic items you pick up do provide genuine laughs. Your first few playthroughs will take you approximately 10 minutes, however fortunately from then there is a fast forward feature to speed through dialogue you’ve experienced on previous playthroughs.

If you’re going for the achievements (which, considering you’re on TA reading the review of a Ratalaika game, you probably are), I’d recommend playing the game through a few times yourself first. Then, following Billz’ / Achievement Land’s excellent YouTube video walkthrough guide you will able to get the remainder of the achievements within about 30-40 minutes. It would be quite difficult to work out all the choices/sequences required to get the completion on your own.

I’d certainly recommend One Night Stand to those achievement hunters, and casual gamers amongst the TA community. Those expecting more will be disappointed. See my who’s it for section above.