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Ace Nightmare

Defeat all boss enemies on extreme difficulty!

Ace Nightmare+2.7
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Fatal Force XXFatal Force XX732,798
29 Feb 2020 02 May 2020
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hello friends, basically what you should do is update your level as much as possible in the case of this DLC is 145 level, and even then it still won't be that easy, for this achievement you must to defeat the 6 bosses of the DLC and 6 of the normal base game, at the extreme level ... in the case of DLC I recommend that you keep repeating level 2-5 which in this case is the battle against the second boss, so that you could up your level, you could play it easy ... as soon as you go up to a level that is strong start playing against boss 1-5 at the extreme level, which in this case is not so difficult and you will gain enough experience to go up the level in search of reaching level 145, when you reaching that level is where you will start to go on the other bosses !! so I hope I helped and good luck !! toast

ComesBrothersHi there! You (anybody) may use this link: . Thank you for your solution and inspiration. Thanks!
Posted by ComesBrothers on 24 May at 15:45