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Dr Know

Train a World-Class Researcher

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01 Mar 2020 01 Mar 2020
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For me this was done in Morton university when I had it eatablished and making alot of credits just sent the same person there for each of their trainings after each upgrade.
XSNIPER1990XOr equally Pelican Wharf 3 star hospital requirement to complete the level requires a Researcher V if your aiming to 3 star each level this will come naturally in game play
Posted by XSNIPER1990X on 15 Apr 20 at 18:55
WahzyHi all. I've just done this on Win 10 version. Trained a Researcher to Level 5. Even on My Career redeemed the challenge to gain Kudosh. However achievement hasn't popped on Xbox App? Tried reinstalling game. Still no joy. Any suggestions on this one?
Posted by Wahzy on 08 Jun 20 at 14:59