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Defeat Moloch without taking damage.

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If you are having trouble on getting this achievement, there is a creature core that is gonna be your lifesaver. The core is "Legion Shieldbearer". This is the boss of Chapter 14, but you can farm him in the arena. Basically, this shield is gonna make you invincible for at least one hit every time, so if he hits you twice then he is gonna cause you some damage. The point here is to avoid at least an extra hit, which is very useful in some situations. The achievement asks you for no damage, so he can hit you as long as he doesnt hurt you. Give it a try for practice to see how it works.

On the other hand, there are some critical moments which you must be careful, like when his health is low he will start creating a lot of crystals around the map. Use the special attack of Strife ( cn_LB + cn_Y ), as commented in another user tips, so you wont get hurt as this attack makes you invincible, but be aware to dodge when it ends. Also, the moment you can use the Anarchy form cn_LB + cn_RT (usually almost at the end) dont hesitate and use it, to make sure you dont get damage in the last moment.

**These tips are considered for the easiest difficulty**
- Image of the core:
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ImaginaryRuinsWhen Moloch is half health, he will use a move where he thrusts his sword into the ground to conjure area-wide crystal pillars, which is what will likely ruin the no-damage run. The key to avoiding this move is to stand at the centre of the area immediately, the only safe place. However, it is said that if the fight is prolonged, even the centre will spawn pillars eventually.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 11 Mar 20 at 12:01
DeAtHisLaNdI want to add that you can do this on Co-op. What we did was the host was playing Strife and we made sure that Strife was far away from Moloch, the other player playing War will spam with close combat attack Moloch so even if he's getting hit, the other player will still get the achievement. Then, simply swap characters so your friend can get the achievement. The host can use the trick of quitting to main menu if getting hit and keep your Wrath Power (mentioned on other solution down below)
Posted by DeAtHisLaNd on 06 Nov 20 at 19:18
Delam HadzI just make it simpler i guess, reading ur comments i tried to to harves the Anarchy of both War and Strife . Play the Chapter and the anarchy fill just after killing Moloch just quit to Main Screen and do all the same with the other character, fill the anarchy meter and quit to Main screen then load again and you start with both anarchy meter full. I shoot to moloch until he powers his sword then i use Wasr Anarchy when almost finish i go to a safe place and trnsform to strife and go Anarchi and use the machine gun .
Posted by Delam Hadz on 17 Jan at 23:01