Cel Damage HD Review by Chezno

03 Mar 2020
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Cel Damage HD is a “remaster” of Cel Damage for the sixth generation of systems. Originally released in 2001, the game was developed by Pseudo Interactive and received mixed to positive reviews and became a cult classic for the generation. And so that means that it gets a HD re-release on modern systems, with the Xbox one port being released in 2014. With the port being developed by Finish Line Games and it being 13 years since the original, does it still hold up?
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My thoughts

Visually speaking, I love the theme of early 2000’s cartoons with thick bold outlines and the story being based around a reality tv show was fun and engaging for an arcady style of game. I love the character designs and the 4 world themes are a bit generic but they create fun levels based around them. The controls are loose enough to feel free but you don't feel like you're not in control.
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Things i didn't like were the lack of a single player mode meaning i had to play essentially a multiplayer game solo against the npc's which get boring pretty quick. Another problem I had was the weapons some are too strong and others don't do anything like the spears and the javelin. Unlocking everything in the game is very repetitive and can become a chore real quick repaying the same level over and over in order to unlock the characters and weapons.

This is a multiplayer game and was designed as one and when i was able to play with my girlfriend i had much more of a fun time and she was able to have fun and shes not that into video games


Unlocking the achievements in this game is fairly easy just play every level on every game mode with one character then a couple of more games to clean up the last few achievements. It took me a little over 3-hours and found it to be quite boring until i convinced my girlfriend to play with me.
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Final thoughts

The game is a fun blast from the past with a very easy achievement list. If you get this game on sale and a bunch of friends you are sure to have a blast.