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I'd Like To Thank My Mother

Win every award in a single hospital

I'd Like To Thank My Mother-0.7
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08 Mar 2020 08 Mar 2020
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Now, I'm no good at giving full, step by step guides. So this isnt all inclusive of what needs to be done.

I will say there are a number of tips to be known about this achievement.

1) You do NOT need to get all of the awards in 1 year despite the lack of pop from seemingly getting one of each. Once you see you have one of each from the yearly review, go to your hospital's financial overview and look at awards. The achievement triggers when it see's all 8 are awarded and this menu is different from the yearly review's.

2a) No Death Award's are tough but I recommend replaying the first level. Focus on the 4 primary health services. Pharmacy (Nurses), GP Office (Doctors), Ward(Nurses) ( General Diagnosis (Nurses) (Optional?).

2b) I assigned 2 nurse's or doctors to each specialty, honing in their skills with training and restricting them to ONLY that specialty. Example: 2 Nurses to the Ward with Ward I, Ward II, and Treatment at minimum. 2 Nurses to Pharmacy with Treatment and Pharmacy at minimum, 4 Nurses total so far, etc. Don't let them overlap jobs, just runs the risk of them failing since those training slots are precious.

3) Have, at most, 2 janitors and 2 receptionists. Try to get 1 to do everything, get all the training needed and make sure they move fast and repair fast. Assign the janitor to doing quick tasks exclusively. The Best Janitor Award and the Best Assistant Award is purely a numbers of game of doing the most tasks but you need to juggle this around their energy. Give them the most opportunities to empty Garbage, and Greet Guests respectively.

4) Abuse the quick save feature every few minutes. If you get a death, then you can reload real quick and redo it.

5) For the early half, before you get the needed trainings in for each staff, reject everything thats "cure x number of patients". You have nothing to prove the burden could harm your No Death Award.

In conclusion, I unlocked this with:

2 Pharmacy's both with the Rank 3 Upgrade installed on the machine
1 Ward with 6 Beds, and 2 nurses assigned to it constantly (The required and optional setting)
2 GP Office's with no less than 2 Doctors that know Diagnosis II and up.
1 Bathroom
1 Staff Room
2 De-Lux Clinic's Room with Rank 3 Machine's
1 Training Room
A bunch of plants (for the Janitor to water)
A few good nurses and doctors
No more than 2 Janitors and 2 Assistant's

Hope this is organized and easy to read, let me know if you have any questions.
jimmyclutchmanI highly disagree with having more than one assistant and janitor when going for those specific awards. It makes it way harder to get as they will both be working on tasks splitting the work and require a boatload of more micromanagement. You should do this after getting three stars on the hospital so you don’t have to worry about losing money, bad rep, etc.
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 09 Mar 20 at 18:47
ShadowRaven9If you have two janitors and set there tasks right, you can make it so they cover each other's work when I break in theory. I set my janitors to split the work but make the more frequent tasks on one person (watering the plants). As for the assistants, if you have a gift shop open, you can make it so one is ONLY the reception desk and the other is gift shop and desk. You can force the desk to always be covered but hey, everyone should get a break lol

3 stars comes naturally on the first level, i left that part out as it wasn't something I tried to do but it did happen. To retroactively try to get an established hospital to follow the no deaths award was a huge undertaking for me and harder to do than just establish early ground rules. It was tough for me to control the sheer volume of people coming in so everyone eventually dipped super low in health.
Posted by ShadowRaven9 on 10 Mar 20 at 00:48
CruzeberryThank you for this... Already won all awards, thought I had to win them all in one go until I read about looking on the overview page - popped straight away!
Posted by Cruzeberry on 11 Mar 20 at 12:58