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Tome of Curses II

Sell the Tome of Curses II.

Tome of Curses II-0.4
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09 Mar 2020 09 Mar 2020
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Ahoy Maties! I want to share with you a way to get ALL of the Ashen Tomes (Resurrection, Fire, Curses, and Power) in an hour or two for FREE. With the new Chests of Rage update you can now purchase Ashen Key and Ashen Chest voyages, which many of you probably already know.

BUT if you do this on a galleon (getting 4 for the price of 1), the amount of doubloons you gain will essentially make your net cost of getting these voyages free, and you can sit at an outpost with a galleon and three other players to grind these tombs at no cost!!!! Check the video for more details!

Cheers! -Damron Out