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I'd Like To Thank My Mother

Win every award in a single hospital

I'd Like To Thank My Mother-0.2
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14 Mar 2020 14 Mar 2020
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If you, like me, only are having trouble getting the No Death-award then:

Start your next hospital, by building absolutely nothing the first year and send every patient home as soon as they arrive.

When the first year have passed, you'll get the No Death-award. No patients == no deaths :)

Now build your hospital like you normally would and earn the remaining awards.
If the cheevo doesn't pop, after you have gotten at least one of all awards; press cn_X and go the overview tab and scroll to the awards and then it should pop :)
Slugger MaxmanThanks for the tip. This is actually the most useful guide for this achievement :)
Posted by Slugger Maxman on 21 Mar 20 at 14:26
Larvi1Another option for the no death if you already have a hospital that has the other awards.
This is the way I did it - make a quick save, turn off autosaving then remove all of your reception areas/desks then set game to max speed and wait. It will probably take 2 award ceremonies since you will probably already have deaths in the current year or may have patients die that have already been admitted.
Posted by Larvi1 on 25 May 20 at 03:09