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Meet Your Unmaykr

Acquire the Unmaykr

Meet Your Unmaykr0
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20 Mar 2020 20 Mar 2020
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The UNMAYKR makes its return to the DOOM series for the first time since DOOM 64!

To unlock the Unmaykr in DOOM Eternal you must find all 6 Empyrean Keys and bring them back to the Fortress of Doom. Empyrean Keys are earned by completing Slayer Gates which require that you hunt down and find the Slayer Keys. Be warned that Slayer Gates are challenging and any ammo, health or armor spent inside them is lost once you return.

Below are collectible guides for 6 levels but I will highlight the Slayer Key locations for this particular achievement and show the gate locations.

Mission 2: Exultia
4:52 - Slayer Gate Key

Mission 3: Cultist Base
6:38 - Slayer Key

Mission 5: Super Gore Nest
8:45 - Slayer Key

Mission 6: Arc Complex
1:00 - Slayer Key

Mission 7: Mars Core
6:05 - Slayer Key

Mission 9: Taras Nabad
5:31 - Slayer Key

Upon completing this you will unlock the Unmaykr.
FurnitureCarThis achievement glitched for anyone else? Got virtually all slayer gate keys and collectibles on one save and this never popped. Have even gone back in and replayed the gates and nothing. Suppose I’ll get it when doing Extra Lives playthrough.
Posted by FurnitureCar on 29 Aug at 00:17