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Breaker of Gates

Complete all Slayer Gates in a single save slot

Breaker of Gates0
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20 Mar 2020 20 Mar 2020
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Slayer Gates are challenging encounters that pit you against waves of enemies in tiny arenas. These can be challenging, long fights that will drain your ammo, health, Extra Lives, and armor if you are not prepared. Completing these fights will award you with an Empyrean Key which will unlock you the Unmaykr weapon which is an alternate BFG 10k like gun.

Below are collectible guides for 6 levels but I will highlight the Slayer Key locations for this particular achievement and show the gate locations.

Mission 2: Exultia
4:52 - Slayer Gate Key

Mission 3: Cultist Base
6:38 - Slayer Key

Mission 5: Super Gore Nest
8:45 - Slayer Key

Mission 6: Arc Complex
1:00 - Slayer Key

Mission 7: Mars Core
6:05 - Slayer Key

Mission 9: Taras Nabad
5:31 - Slayer Key
guybox2hi, the keys do not appear in my part, an idea of why?
Posted by guybox2 on 20 Mar at 12:04
guybox2hi, the keys do not appear in my part, an idea of why?
Posted by guybox2 on 20 Mar at 12:14
HunterCH@guybox2 Did you replay any mission with a cheat activated? If yes, go to replay mission and turn all cheats off. I had the same problem due to the fact that i replayed the first mission with cheats. As long as you have any enabled it affects your story and the keys wont appear.
Posted by HunterCH on 20 Mar at 17:54
Kernseif0815I received the Unmaykr but did not get the achievement for all slayer gates... it says that one slayer gate is missing (on Mars). But how did I get then if I do not had all keys for the Unmaykr? Is this bugged?
Posted by Kernseif0815 on 30 Mar at 16:26
oO NiGhTbAsE OoDo you need to do the pink slayer gates as well or just the purple ones?
Posted by oO NiGhTbAsE Oo on 21 Apr at 18:59