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It's a Magic Number

Kill 666 Demons.

It's a Magic Number0
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Bard of SnowBard of Snow458,489
20 Mar 2020 20 Mar 2020
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This is luckily a campaign achievement and counts on any demon in the game. By simply playing the story on any difficulty this can be popped before the halfway mark.
Divinus CorvusThis isn't unlocking for me. I have the milestone but it refuses to unlock.
Posted by Divinus Corvus on 26 Mar at 21:44
Bard of SnowEternal has had major tracking issues since launch. Hopefully it should be resolved by the end of the month
Posted by Bard of Snow on 27 Mar at 03:15
Divinus CorvusI found the issue in pretty sure. The game seems to keep track of in game rewards and milestones pretty well. But once you save mid level and then start again it starts counting for the achievement from that point. So moral of the story: only save and quit between levels. Seems to be working for me.
Posted by Divinus Corvus on 30 Mar at 06:57
Hyp3r Phant0mAnyone figured out how to fix this yet I can't 100% the game because of a bug its really annoying
Posted by Hyp3r Phant0m on 13 Apr at 18:52
MIKE1989TWThis one isn’t unlocking for me either.. and the Doom Hunter achievement for completing L4 also will not unlock.. hopefully they will fix it soon.
Posted by MIKE1989TW on 14 Jun at 12:31
DubstepEdgelordApparently a friend of mine got this while boosting the multiplayer, I got about half the progress so far playing online.
Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 01 Jul at 21:52