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King of the Crystals

Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo in a single save slot

King of the Crystals0
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21 Mar 2020 09 Mar 2021
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Hey Gamers! Welcome to DOOM Eternal!! I am working on a 100% Achievement Campaign playthrough that will get you all collectible achievements in a single playthrough. I show ALL collectible locations, encounters, go over the challenges, and slayer keys/gates.

Before you start be sure you select Extra Life mode so we can get the achievement for finishing that with more than 10 lives (Guide shows all Extra Life locations as well!).

Of note, nothing is missable you can replay missions to get anything you missed, and also you will be given the option at the end of levels to warp to specific sections to grab anything you missed which can alleviate having to play the entire mission again. Every collectible and item will be time stamped in the video comments and description!

**IF you are following my guide to get all campaign related achievements in one playthrough then MISSION SELECT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN EXTRA LIFE MODE. So if you miss a collectible be sure to use the Fast Travel Function near the end of levels to grab anything you missed!!**

**This particular achievement is tied to finding the Sentinel Crystals, which are timestamped in the videos if you just need those. The achievement will unlock upon fully upgrading either health, armor, or ammo (I prefer health and ammo first, but what you decide to upgrade is dependent on your play style. You will eventually have enough crystals to fully upgrade all of them.**

I hope you find it helpful!

-Damron Out

The Fortress of Doom

Mission 1 - Hell on Earth:

Mission 2 - Exultia:

Mission 3 - Cultist Base:

Mission 4 - Doom Hunter Base:

Mission 5 - Super Gore Nest:

Mission 6 - Arc Complex:

Mission 7 - Mars Core:

Mission 8 - Sentinel Prime:

Mission 9 - Taras Nabad:

Mission 10 - Nekravol:

Mission 11 - Nekravol – Part II:

Mission 12 - Urdak:

Mission 13 - Final Sin:

**Please leave a comment on how to improve if you feel the need to leave a negative vote! Feedback is appreciated!**
E vee dubExpound a little on upgrading.
Should we focus only on 1, or will we eventually earn 16 sentinels to unlock all HEALTH, AMMO & ARMOR upgrades?
Which should we focus on first?
Which should we max out first?
Does difficulty matter?
Posted by E vee dub on 08 Mar at 20:43
xxDAMRONxxYou will eventually upgrade all. Difficulty does not matter. I personally upgraded all kind of evenly during my playthrough, but it’s completely dependent on your own play style. I personally prefer health and ammo over armor as armor depletes fast anyway
Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 09 Mar at 12:47
E vee dubI maxed AMMO first because I was always running out while working on the perk missions per weapon i.e. Hit 3 enemies with one missile barrage 15 times.
I'll work on HEALTH next, thanks to your comment. Now I'll give a thumbs up for your guide for this achievement.
Posted by E vee dub on 11 Mar at 10:22