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Master all Weapon Mods in a single save slot

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22 Mar 2020 22 Mar 2020
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Throughout the course of getting all the collectibles there are 7 Mastery Tokens you can get. These allow you to bypass a Mastery challenge and mark it as complete. You can use Mastery Tokens to get this achievement.

Just a few things to know.

1.) You can only use a Mastery Token after you have bought all the upgrades of that Weapon Mod with the required weapon points

2.) You only have 7 Mastery Tokens so only use them on ones you know you find hard to get, Some of the Master Challenges you can easily run out with cheat modes enables which brings me on to point 3

3.) Cheat Mode does not disable getting this achievement. Once you get the Infinite Ammo and Infinite Extra Lives cheat, Put these on when replaying missions as it will make getting master challenges so much easier!
No ParasiteTo add to this solution:
Your progress towards the mastery of the weapon mods saves even if you reload your checkpoint.

So when you for example have a group cacodemons in front of you (eg. when you get the BFG for the first time) you could go for a couple charge shot crossbow kills and reload 4 times to fully upgrade that weapon mod.
Posted by No Parasite on 23 Mar at 12:53
UrchyBoldStupid question but how do I use the tokens?
Posted by UrchyBold on 23 Mar at 23:41
UrchyBoldStupid question but how do I use the tokens?
Posted by UrchyBold on 23 Mar at 23:43
xNightmare1087xI think mine might be bugged. I have fully mastered every weapon, but it's telling me I only have 1 out of 2 for the heavy cannon. I know the game can take some time to register that a milestone has been completed, but it's been about 24 hours since I finished it
Posted by xNightmare1087x on 24 Mar at 05:33
FalckhonIn-game I've got all mods mastered. Stuck at 9/13 in the Milestones menu.
Posted by Falckhon on 24 Mar at 13:50
jimmyclutchmanJust a question maybe it’s using the mastery tokens that gets it to be bugged? Did you use 4 mastery tokens? As your missing 4
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 25 Mar at 05:52
ID A IR IK 1Just went through Hell on Earth with cheats on, I needed my super shotty and plasma rifle mastery to finish up, finished the shotgun first and the milestone popped fine but a few seconds later after getting more double kills for the plasma, I get the pop up for the mod quest being done but no milestone for gunsmith or achievement, my plasma is glitched at 1 out of 2, we are bugged guys, sad face
Posted by ID A IR IK 1 on 25 Mar at 06:57
ID A IR IK 1@jimmyclutchman in response to your query in my situation I used all seven on different weapons, one on each but 2 on ballista, didn't seem to effect them, my guess is that you need to get your masteries in before you go through the point of no return alert?
Posted by ID A IR IK 1 on 25 Mar at 07:08
ID A IR IK 1Okay, if this happens to you after you have beaten the final boss, open the pause menu and reset the mission, this will reset you to when you just returned from the battle, rework your points you spent and yes sadly plug away at what you need to in a different order and hopefully it will work for you like it finally, finally did for me, good luck every one!
Posted by ID A IR IK 1 on 25 Mar at 07:49
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzHow do you actually get the Tokens? I’ve came across a few but don’t know what needs to be done in order for them to appear, they’re the only collectible that doesn’t seem to show on the map..appreciate any help!toast
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Mar at 00:19
SiegfriedXI'm playing on Extra Life Mode and on Mission 7 I cannot earn all 10 hardpoints. The final one simply raises the bar less than it should and I end the mission with 9/10. Anyone else ran into this? This game is awesome, but it's a hell of a mess with so many different bugs.
Posted by SiegfriedX on 26 Mar at 03:24
Presto05After many hours of mastering all weapons it still won’t give me the achievement
Posted by Presto05 on 26 Mar at 08:16
Dwaggienite@Presto05 make sure you've not mastered one thing per weapon. There's two masteries per weapon.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 26 Mar at 09:35

Alright it seems that this achievement can break for an entire save file if you use the cheat code IDKFA before you get all the masteries complete. Just a heads up if you wanna add this tip into the guide.

I'm playing on the steam release, and I have run into a problem similar to Dark's. It says I have unlocked all the masteries, but the chaingun one is still incomplete in my milestones. In game though it is complete, not sure how to fix this one other than completely redoing a save file and getting them all again.
Posted by B0WM4NX on 26 Mar at 10:16
StraggorCan confirm with @B0WM4NX That if you use the IDKFA Cheat and complete mastery challenges with it, it doesn’t register a change because it’s currently all unlocked when that cheat is active. Some of my milestones are sitting as incomplete because of this despite all of them completed without cheats on! Do NOT activate that cheat when competing those challenges! If you’re also going for the “Running Up The High Score” achievement, you can do it during that play through as you need to completely do another save anyway, still very unfortunate That it can bug out so much progress.
Posted by Straggor on 26 Mar at 16:08
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzCrap, I did one challenge with that on, so your saying I’m locked out of it now?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 26 Mar at 17:31
Swole SpartanYea im sure this problem will be patched im not replaying this for a 4th time, this is my only achivment left
Posted by Swole Spartan on 26 Mar at 23:00
XB0b0Different problem: I'm missing a modbot, so I can't unlock the final mod upgrade. All missions 100% complete and got the two modbots from the Fortress, should be 12 in total but I have none left for the final unlock :-(.

Also I couldn't use any of the mastery tokens. I checked multiple times but found no way to apply them in the mod upgrade menu, no button prompts or which button to press?
Posted by XB0b0 on 27 Mar at 17:45
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzCan anyone confirm if you can jump in and out of missions and you dont actually have to re finish the mission like for the other collectibles?
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 27 Mar at 18:56
P4KDAGYMYep it’s my only achievement left also for the gunpletionist, hopefully there’s a patch real soon. Really frustrated as I wanted to 100% the game.
Posted by P4KDAGYM on 27 Mar at 22:44
RiSeAgaInStFeArSo it’ll still count if you replay missions? Or do I need to grind during the campaign to make sure that I can get them all?
Posted by RiSeAgaInStFeAr on 28 Mar at 13:28
Gohan Son 126For those who have still not unlocked this, I urge you to try this.
To sum it up, if you go the Doom fortress after you beat the game, go to the menu, and reset mission, there's a chance your weapon challenges will come back.
Posted by Gohan Son 126 on 01 Apr at 15:15
zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz^ didn’t work for me
Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 01 Apr at 18:41
DixxxxxonWhere do you get mastery tokens? I'm about 3/4 of the way through the game and I haven't seen any yet.
Posted by Dixxxxxon on 04 Apr at 23:41
DixxxxxonNever mind, I just got to the first mission where you start to get these. (They don't appear until the Taras Nabad mission, for those wondering.)
Posted by Dixxxxxon on 06 Apr at 16:22
xSoulShadoWxCompleted all weapon mastery's in the same save slot and the achievement hasn't popped for me
Posted by xSoulShadoWx on 07 Apr at 17:30
bpburgessI have the same issue as xSoulShadoWx. Hope it's fixed in a patch.
Posted by bpburgess on 08 Apr at 16:10
teknomusikI also completed the last 5 or 6 mastery challenges with tokens and the achievement hasn't unlocked for me.
Posted by teknomusik on 09 Apr at 12:38
BaneRulesArkhamSame here, all done, no achievement. C'mon Xbox.
Posted by BaneRulesArkham on 11 Apr at 03:38
The Beem TeamFor what it's worth I did all the mastery challenges without using tokens or cheats. The achievement popped without any issues. I did have to go back and replay a level.
Posted by The Beem Team on 12 Apr at 18:25
hopesfall25Same here, all complete but no achievement...
Posted by hopesfall25 on 16 Apr at 20:05
GOREZODDcheats do affect cheevos for this game
Posted by GOREZODD on 18 Apr at 12:58
FpsGoku420I've gotten every mastery yet no achievement
Posted by FpsGoku420 on 18 Apr at 19:53
kriegirNo the cheats don't affect the cheevos. But their is a chance they can bug this one out
Posted by kriegir on 06 May at 14:06
BulkGalaxyCheats only prevent you from getting the Slayer gates.
Posted by BulkGalaxy on 08 May at 13:47
WicelowOK didn't know using a code would ruin it for me (the game clearly advertising it won't harm anything 🙄)... Just used a token to complete my last mastery and nothing popped... Not starting from scratch, I'll wait for a patch. In any case they can s*** a bag of d**** 😑
Posted by Wicelow on 01 Aug at 09:31
eskulap14I catched bug with this achievement. F**king cheat codes (((
Posted by eskulap14 on 10 Aug at 17:37
KreuvaitteThis solution has to be edited. Cheats can block achievement as i read on different websites, and for my experience it blocked ...
Posted by Kreuvaitte on 10 Aug at 23:03
Draco719Dammit mine glitched. Anyone know if the devs are aware?
Posted by Draco719 on 10 Aug at 23:04
Haseo ATCThis has been a bug since launch. Maybe a fix will come with the new DLC coming but I doubt it. The challenges are fun, I don't mind replaying the game, but getting enough weapons points? Not looking forward to that at all.
Posted by Haseo ATC on 27 Aug at 22:22