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25 Feb 2009
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As above, however its very easy to miss some of the S.K.A.T.E. challenges, there are 13 in total, so if you don't get this achievement as soon as you have finished all the challenges, make sure you have completed the final S.K.A.T.E. ones.
i know old and posted ages ago but have i missed something. i finished everything on the map. all had left was S.K.A.T.E. PRO 2 do. finished all them today there is nothing on the map. i have all milestones achievement. so i know i not missed something.... did it all without patch update as people stated that with update its glitchy as hell.

is there anything i missed like a secret spot or something cos map is finished. even checked past events in log book and everything is completed. thanks
Posted on 05 May 10 at 13:20
GammyGreenGiantsolid cheevo
Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 22 Jan 11 at 19:15
DomESpliTTeR13Completed all, but no achiv. I got en fuego though instead. Bunch of BS. There are no online servers for this game even, how could I have completed en fuego??? Heck of a trade.
Posted by DomESpliTTeR13 on 09 Feb 12 at 01:25