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Older Than the Trees

Kill the Wendigo.

Older Than the Trees0
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27 Mar 2020 30 Mar 2020
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Story Related and cannot be missed.
You require to kill the Wendigo to get into the Mountains as part of the main storyline so you and Hammerlock go hunt it down.
Unlocks as soon as you kill the boss.
NOTE: There have been reports of this achievement failing to give a notification - Remember to check your achievement list if it doesn't pop as you may still have unlocked it.
CLARION 85Didnt popped for me
Posted by CLARION 85 on 28 Mar 20 at 07:35
MineMasterjake1That's odd... as far as I'm aware it should pop have you checked you just didn't get the notification - my achievements did that towards the end.
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 28 Mar 20 at 11:58
TheBongoFuryIndeed seems there is some sort of bug where the achievement does not pop up but you did get it. I bet only when you are a Microsoft Insider and get updates whenever possible.
Posted by TheBongoFury on 29 Mar 20 at 21:27
HotSauce is DadAchievement not unlocking for me. I've beat the Wendigo on multiplayer and solo, mayhem 10 TVHM and in normal.

I reached out to 2K support and they weren't helpful or seemingly aware of this issue, and suggested clearing cache and reinstalling the entire game.
Posted by HotSauce is Dad on 18 Jul 20 at 13:16
MineMasterjake1Unfortunately I don't have a solution for those with it glitched :( i did mine on normal 0 mayhem first time and for most people it pops like that sorry!
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 18 Jul 20 at 22:12
DJBringaPopped for me with no issues on 6/27/2021
Posted by DJBringa on 28 Jun 21 at 02:18
arikmoonDid not pop for me. 12/13/21. Junk
Posted by arikmoon on 14 Dec 21 at 17:45