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A Hunter, Through and Through

Find and kill all 4 rare spawns.

A Hunter, Through and Through0
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27 Mar 2020 18 Jun 2020
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EDIT: As of 18 June 2020, it looks like this has been hotfixed and just requires the kills now. To make sure your hotfixes are applied, wait at the main menu for a minute after starting the game. A sign will appear on a telephone pole behind your character letting you know that "Hotfixes Applied." Until this hotfix is actually patched into the game, this the way to get this one.


I've opened a ticket with 2k and Gearbox, so hopefully they take care of this pretty quick. I've killed all 4 multiple times and have not been able to get more than 50% on the achievement tracker.

It appears that this achievement is not bugged, just unclear on what the actual requirements are. The way to get progress on this achievement is to have the rare spawn "Kill" missions, which can be grabbed on the second story at the Lodge.

"Kill" missions are supposed to show up for you when someone on your friends list kills the rare spawn. This does not appear to be guaranteed. If you need someone to kill the rare spawns multiple times, feel free to add me and shoot me a message.

To help people get this, I have made a channel in my personal discord for this achievement. If you're looking for people to add, and there's a channel for this achievement. If there's a better way to coordinate people outside of discord, let me know so I can get that up and running.

If someone on your friends list has the missions, you can join their game, kill the enemy in co-op and you both get progress for the achievement. Thanks to Stumpadiah, ☽Somaloria☾ and Sighris for testing this in the discord.

Huge shoutout to Swan in the discord for finding this out: After adding someone on your friends list, have the person who needs the missions go to the lodge in a new session(save/quit and reload the game) while the other person kills the rare spawns. This seems to give the person in the lodge the missions each time.

There are 4 rare spawns and I've included a map with each ones locations below.


Anarch -
External image

For this one, the Lantern's Hook fast travel is the one at the bottom of the screenshot.

The Cankerwood

Fungal Gorger -
External image


Shiverous the Unscathed -
External image

Voltborn -
External image


External image

External image
Cosmic Ridermind letting me know what support says when they get back to you
Posted by Cosmic Rider on 27 Mar 20 at 15:26
RuneSlayer4421For sure, I'll update the solution as soon as I get a response.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 27 Mar 20 at 15:32
Operation REMIEsame here. i did all 4 and only got one to progress.
Posted by Operation REMIE on 27 Mar 20 at 15:51
ICE Faux PirateThose three may have have gotten extremely lucky or there's something else going on. Anybody killed all four through the quest board quests? Or are you just randomly searching for them. I've killed Voltborn without a quest and the tracker didn't progress but when I took out Anarch through a quest it progressed.
Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 27 Mar 20 at 17:15
ICE Faux PirateAlso, I'm confused by the screenshots in the solution. Some of the pics you have custom waypoints set and others you don't. Are the spawns located where your player marker is at, where the custom waypoint is, or where your cursor is pointing?
Posted by ICE Faux Pirate on 27 Mar 20 at 17:20
RuneSlayer4421For the ones with the custom waypoint, that is the location, for the other two, it's my character. I'll redo the two without waypoints to make it clearer. Also, the quest board was a thought I had as well. I need someone to add to my friends list to test that with though. I did make a session for it to test it out.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 27 Mar 20 at 17:25
MineMasterjake1i distinctly remember killing Shiverous the Unscathed during my playthough by chance and the tracker didn't budge perhaps its one of the two glitched ones?
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 27 Mar 20 at 17:30
FranconianXWhere is the quest board for these? Sanctuary?
Posted by FranconianX on 27 Mar 20 at 17:33
Operation REMIEi feel like there's suppose to be quest boards for them but i havent found them yet.
Posted by Operation REMIE on 27 Mar 20 at 17:33
Operation REMIEokay scratch that. i just got a quest to kill voltborn.
Posted by Operation REMIE on 27 Mar 20 at 17:37
RuneSlayer4421@franconianX It should be on the 2nd floor of the Lodge, behind DJ Sinister
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 27 Mar 20 at 17:51
Operation REMIEproblem is that they are very very random/rare to show up. i've had anarch show up 3 times and voltborn 1
Posted by Operation REMIE on 27 Mar 20 at 18:13
RuneSlayer4421How are you getting them to showup? Just that many people on your friends list that play? I've tried with other people and splitscreen to force any of them to show up and couldn't get them to
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 27 Mar 20 at 18:26
Operation REMIEi'm honestly not sure. like i said, i've only had 2 show up.
Posted by Operation REMIE on 27 Mar 20 at 18:31
RuneSlayer4421I've only had the Amarch and Fungal Gorger. Need some more people on my friends list to die to them.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 27 Mar 20 at 18:33
S3V1KI've got them everytime but there is 0 progress on achieve.
Posted by S3V1K on 27 Mar 20 at 18:43
Cruzer628I can confirm you need the quest. your friends need to find them in their game and kill them for you to get the quest to show in the lodge. It's a social thing. Be in a game solo and another friend will be in theirs. Have said friend kill one of them and check your lodge after to see if you get the quest.
Posted by Cruzer628 on 27 Mar 20 at 19:22
MineMasterjake1great... i have no friends but thankfully TA has my back
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 27 Mar 20 at 19:32
MineMasterjake1THANKS SO MUCH !
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 27 Mar 20 at 20:54
pogomaxThanks maye awesome guide and awesome help
Posted by pogomax on 27 Mar 20 at 21:00
OMG IT5 EJMissing Fungal Gorger and Shiverous
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 27 Mar 20 at 22:40
pogomaxThanks maye awesome guide and awesome help
Posted by pogomax on 27 Mar 20 at 22:43
Dbunting54Thanks mate!
Posted by Dbunting54 on 28 Mar 20 at 00:10
OMG IT5 EJJust need Shiverous and I will finally be done
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 28 Mar 20 at 00:16
squirtmieWhere does the quests spawn? I can’t find them.
Posted by squirtmie on 28 Mar 20 at 00:23
MineMasterjake1its quite buggy they only spawn if your someone on your friends list kills them/dies to them it almost like a viral achievement but only with your friends, they will spawn on the second floor of the lodge.
Posted by MineMasterjake1 on 28 Mar 20 at 00:28
OMG IT5 EJThanks for the help
Posted by OMG IT5 EJ on 28 Mar 20 at 00:46
alladaskill17I want to thank the community. Within 28 minutes of my post I have all 4 spawns as quests. You guys and gals are amazing.
Posted by alladaskill17 on 28 Mar 20 at 02:36
YellowGermScream wolf. It’s obvious what the requirements are, as you had the same type of missions in the base game. I’d delete the beginning of your solution.
Posted by YellowGerm on 28 Mar 20 at 05:35
I added everyone in this thread and got the achievement about 30 minutes later. 2-3 missions popped up in the lodge every time I returned. Love the TA community ;)
Posted on 28 Mar 20 at 06:00
HoHe69Same here 0% progress, will add a few from here and hope this helps roll
Posted by HoHe69 on 28 Mar 20 at 07:14
HoHe69I'm only missing the Fungal Gorger now, he is not in the area...maybe I killed him earlier, do they respawn after a few hours/days?
Posted by HoHe69 on 28 Mar 20 at 10:19
Ibanez V7@HoHe69 You can kill them all once then you need to save and quit for them to appear again.
Posted by Ibanez V7 on 28 Mar 20 at 10:38
HoHe69Yeah, got it...restarting the game let them spawn again, thx all for the help toast
Posted by HoHe69 on 28 Mar 20 at 10:45
RuneSlayer4421For anyone that adds me, I'll be doing kills on all 4 throughout the day so that should help get the missions to spawn.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 28 Mar 20 at 10:56
M I K 3 ID vAnyone up for knocking this out? My last achievement. Edit: Got it done. Thumbs up toast
Posted by M I K 3 ID v on 28 Mar 20 at 11:55
TTDog666Gotta to love the TA Community, from nothing to unlocked in around an hour.
Posted by TTDog666 on 28 Mar 20 at 14:46
DaeWooX37Killed all of them without the mission, no trophy
Posted by DaeWooX37 on 28 Mar 20 at 16:16
me and my titanI have killt all 4 and no achievement so i think it is buggt
Posted by me and my titan on 28 Mar 20 at 16:47
MrCh1valryEDIT: I just got the Achievement with my 2 friends I always play with, plus 1 person from this website. I'm not going to be intentionally hunting them anymore so hopefully I helped some people that added me before we killed them. Refrain from adding me as a friend please and thanks 👍🏻
Posted by MrCh1valry on 28 Mar 20 at 17:49
SashamorningYou definitely need the quest for this to move. I killed Voltborn randomly, but didn't get progress until I went back to the Lodge, found the quest, and killed him again.
Posted by Sashamorning on 28 Mar 20 at 18:52
DblundzPost in LFG. I found a few people and we were able to do it within an hour.
As well you don't technically need someone on your friends list. Guy i played with already had two and he had no one playing before he add me. So im guessing its 100% rng but friends seem to help if you have them
Posted by Dblundz on 28 Mar 20 at 20:50
DblundzAlso it is bugged. People aren't getting or someone like me who only killed 3 got it to pop. It's butt and terribly designed
Posted by Dblundz on 28 Mar 20 at 20:59
Kamakazi59Do you have to be online with the friends that find the rare spawn? Can I be playing a different game like DOOM and next time I log in I will find the posters for rare spawns?
Posted by Kamakazi59 on 28 Mar 20 at 21:17
T0NY HAYABUSAKilled all four and nothing popped.
Posted by T0NY HAYABUSA on 28 Mar 20 at 22:07
General JouryI was only missing the "Amach" rare spawn and I simply told my friend to kill him in his own game (Not by quest, just encountering him), as soon as he killed him my quest popped up in game in the Lodge.
Posted by General Joury on 28 Mar 20 at 22:46
FantasticZroI don't know if its different to the Playstation version but i got the achievement/trophy without having the kill missions. Immediately after killing Voltborn i got the trophy.
Posted by FantasticZro on 28 Mar 20 at 22:53
JvlakaveIiHow do you get the quests to spawn? Do you just sit in the lodge and wait for them to appear or just keep quitting to the main menu? Feel free to add as well, only have 1/4. Thanks
Posted by JvlakaveIi on 28 Mar 20 at 23:40
Demon Fox 00117I need all four, none have ahown up for me
Posted by Demon Fox 00117 on 29 Mar 20 at 01:33
SuomalainenYou don't need friends or any quests. I didn't even get a single quest for this. I got the achievement immediately upon killing Shiverous. After quitting and going back 3 times I spawned Voltborn and then after 4 more times I found all 3 of the other spawns within the same attempt. Seems to be a lot better odds than these 15-20+ restarts everyone is claiming.

Also all of my friends that have played this DLC already haven't gotten any of these quests, even after I killed all of the spawns.
Posted by Suomalainen on 29 Mar 20 at 01:58
foobz001Just got the achievement for me three of these pop up in a row. I went and killed the three and got the achievement. These have nothing to do with hammerlock hunt that go on the walls. All it is a rare spawn takes time
Posted by foobz001 on 29 Mar 20 at 04:20
Rabidpyro2255I killed all 4 of the rare spawns but the achievement did not track nor did it unlock for me.
Posted by Rabidpyro2255 on 29 Mar 20 at 06:52
JUSTTHINKSDI host the game played with my friend. He got the achievement, I don't.stuck at 75%. I killed every monster to finished the missions. This achievement is bugged.
Posted by JUSTTHINKSD on 29 Mar 20 at 08:14
Lakeyyy95I just killed Shiverous and Voltborn but the tracker hasn’t updated, anyone got any ideas? cheers
Posted by Lakeyyy95 on 29 Mar 20 at 09:04
T3ddy B4gW3LLIve not completed the story yet.. I have a friend who has... yet the 4 missions do not show at the lodge. Maybe you have to complete the main DLC story for these to show?
Posted by T3ddy B4gW3LL on 29 Mar 20 at 11:20
T0NY HAYABUSAI don't even think Gearbox/2k knows how this achievement works.Just helped a buddy and he got voltborn and I needed that flying dragon dude and it never gave me the option for him. I got voltborn again too.
Posted by T0NY HAYABUSA on 29 Mar 20 at 12:20
JamieChestertonAnyone having problems getting shiverous to spawn?
Posted by JamieChesterton on 29 Mar 20 at 12:34
JessikaShoA day late, but I assume you'll feel like farming them again. Thanks fam. I'm adding the 3 above as well, but i think you'll need to add me back for my kills to count toward your quest spawns. This is a weird achievement, but it shouldn't be too hard with a bit of cooperation.
Posted by JessikaSho on 29 Mar 20 at 13:23
T3ddy B4gW3LLI got this today... I got 2 bounties and did them... yet it said I had 75% complete so I did one with no bounty and it counted towards it so I still think this is bugged
Posted by T3ddy B4gW3LL on 29 Mar 20 at 17:48
DblundzIf yout friend has them pop up invite them before accepting. Your friends can accept without them having to grind themselves. Its actually how i got it. just by hoppping games
Posted by Dblundz on 29 Mar 20 at 22:00
TinyMiracle91Just tested with a friend - appears to be guaranteed that the missions spawn, but you must both be online at the same time. If a friend does it while you’re not in the game, it does not seem to recognise and trigger the missions.
Posted by TinyMiracle91 on 29 Mar 20 at 23:59
WicelowThey HAD to put a shitty condition like that.
Can't we just kill the bastards ? Nope a friend needs to do it first... Bullshit
Posted by Wicelow on 30 Mar 20 at 00:30
TerryLuddenI’m not getting any missions appearing and I’ve added almost everyone here

Killed them many times in my own game
Posted by TerryLudden on 30 Mar 20 at 05:44
OMGWTH00111111Have a friend playing exactly same time as you and you'll get them. I killed the rare spawns and my friend picked them up in the lodge as I killed them.
Posted by OMGWTH00111111 on 30 Mar 20 at 10:16
x BIG DOM xJust added more of you to complete this and will be continuing killing these as I go. I now have 3 out of the 4 completed on the tracker so it is slowing working somehow. Just need Shiverous the Unscathed now to complete
Posted by x BIG DOM x on 31 Mar 20 at 04:19
NoHeroes94I'm a bit confused. I personally won't have time to do Borderlands 3 DLC for a couple of weeks; I have some friends who will have likely done this, but does it need to be recent, or is it that as long as one or more have done this that when I start the DLC and progress I'll get the mission? Thanks in advance.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 31 Mar 20 at 12:55
quorumzstrange, never seen these kill missions.... I need to keep reloading until I get it?
Posted by quorumz on 31 Mar 20 at 13:12
BONE CLAWZKilled these guys but never seen the bounty boards
Posted by BONE CLAWZ on 31 Mar 20 at 13:45
Reaper JonOkay thanks to Bone Clawz. Think finally worked it out. To unlock the bounty for the other person you’ve got to kill the rare spawn outside of the bounty. If you complete your bounty then that will not unlock your friends bounty
Posted by Reaper Jon on 31 Mar 20 at 14:34
Coojo78Finally got it. Adding all these folks helped to a degree BUT finding one specific person who's online and communicating with them worked better for me. Go kill the spawns, then message someone who's playing to go check the lodge. They'll go kill them as well and before you know it, you'll have them. Shout out to Dark CEPM 42 for the team work.
Posted by Coojo78 on 01 Apr 20 at 00:41
LilChicka1017For those of you who are struggling to get this nailed down, we figured it out! lol It took trial and error but we got it!!

You and a friend BOTH have to be logged in at the same time.
You have to stay at the lodge on the second floor while a friend slays these enemies. As your friend slays the enemies the kill missions will appear on the wall in front of you as soon as it dies.

After your friend has slain all 4 monsters and you have all 4 missions on your wall have your friend join your game at the lodge (that is if your friend is also trying to get this achievement).

Accept all the kill missions and go kill everything. (Make sure you have the correct missions selected as you go through your kills.)

Once all needed kill challenges are completed the achievement will pop for you (and your friend if they joined).

If you would like help with this, feel free to message me or my better half and we would be glad to help!

Posted by LilChicka1017 on 01 Apr 20 at 02:03
troubled helixtried for 2-3 days to get this, adding people on here. not a single quest popped. noticed my gold sub was expired and renewed, all 4 showed up within minutes of each other. wouldnt think that would matter as you dont actually need to coop with anyone, but it may play a role if anyones struggling. thanks to jrsbill and kolby dog789 for helping out
Posted by troubled helix on 01 Apr 20 at 02:36
mathatter91To have achievements tied to these ridiculous requirements could only come from a company that still thinks dick and fart jokes are still funny. Gearbox are great at loot shoot games besides their stories and humor.
Posted by mathatter91 on 01 Apr 20 at 02:41
MeezeDon't listen to anyone saying this achivement is not bugged and this is how it's supposed to be done. On PS4 and PC all you have to do is kill them. That's it. Dont need a friend to kill them first. No mission needed. Nothing. Just kill them. It IS bugged on Xbox and this is just a work around. They need to fix this.
Posted by Meeze on 01 Apr 20 at 03:22
quorumzstrange, never seen these kill missions.... I need to keep reloading until I get it?
Posted by quorumz on 01 Apr 20 at 20:03
xCrimsonLegendxI only managed to get two of them in my game, still need the mission for the dragon and the funky mushroom dude in the cankerwood.
Posted by xCrimsonLegendx on 02 Apr 20 at 02:47
munky3000I also need some help with this one. I’ve added a few people to see if I can get the missions to pop.
Posted by munky3000 on 04 Apr 20 at 14:19
NoHeroes94Really weird, but both PowerPyx and PSNProfiles both make ZERO mention of this having any online requirement? Both just say the likelihood and how to load in/out.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 06 Apr 20 at 12:41
RuneSlayer4421@NoHeroes94 PS4 and Steam don't require the missions for progress to count towards the achievement. Only Xbox does.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 06 Apr 20 at 14:12
MXR5150Thank you for the discord link, it helped me knock this out in no time!
Posted by MXR5150 on 06 Apr 20 at 14:45
cuddy360Having to do this with a friend is apparently unique to Xbox. People on other platforms are getting the achievement doing it solo.
Posted by cuddy360 on 09 Apr 20 at 18:49
HvyHitter519Hvyhitter519 GT for help too! I have definitely killed these 4 before in same playthrough and none have registered. Didn't see a contract though, so not sure!!!
Posted by HvyHitter519 on 10 Apr 20 at 04:15
IZ IE 4 P IE IZEven with this guide for the trophy it's definitely a bugged achievement when it requires this kind of approach
Posted by IZ IE 4 P IE IZ on 12 Apr 20 at 06:10
Se7en68This IS bugged if you have to have someone else in either game to get it to pop when ps4 and pc just work...
Posted by Se7en68 on 12 Apr 20 at 08:28
Se7en68Wish gearbox would just fix it!!!!!
Posted by Se7en68 on 12 Apr 20 at 08:29
Se7en68This is a bugged achievement if you need work around to complete!
Posted by Se7en68 on 12 Apr 20 at 16:09
PurpleDerrpI was in the Lodge in my own game while my friend killed Shiverous in his own game and the bounty popped up on the wall immediately for me.
Posted by PurpleDerrp on 12 Apr 20 at 20:25
DaMoKiLLsALoTOne of your friends has to kill the rare spawns in “their” game & the kill bounty will show up in “your” game. Just worked for us
Posted by DaMoKiLLsALoT on 12 Apr 20 at 20:35
NoHeroes94Hi everyone, wouldn't mind some help and would be happy to reciprocate. If my understanding is correct, you run through and kill the rare spawns to launch the kill quests for the friend, and vice versa?

Fun note: apparently on PS just killing the 4 rare spawns out of quest pops the trophy, so it's very weird that on Xbox its kill-quest dependent. The rare spawn achievement in the 1st DLC also didn't require any kill quests. C'est la vie.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 13 Apr 20 at 20:47
NoHeroes94This achievement is buggy in positive and negative ways. Killed all the spawns for my friend, all unlock kill quests and he went through them fine.

For me, his first spawn didn't trigger any kill quests for me. We did 2/4 of his kill quests in co-op (had already done the other 2/4), and I got 75% progress as if I had done 3...

UPDATE: The 2nd time he killed the rare spawn for me, it showed up in my lodge immediately. I got the achievement after killing it, so I only actually had to kill 3 for the achievement. The Cankerwood spawn tracked 50% for me when joining in co-op!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 18 Apr 20 at 10:53
A Drty AardvarkI'm still having issues even with friends whove already killed the targets. I can't get the posters to appear. Any suggestions?
Posted by A Drty Aardvark on 21 Apr 20 at 06:30
AnimeBaeCosplayI could use the help please. Same here with the poster problem :(
Posted by AnimeBaeCosplay on 22 Apr 20 at 02:03
Jake WToughI just cant get last two to spawn at the lodge. Everytime i travel it shows an exclamation mark but no missions once im there?
Posted by Jake WTough on 24 Apr 20 at 19:57
KamoI dont know what are you guys on about, I am on steam and this achievement works just fine, I dont have to pick up any quest, its just a RARE spawn in those locations, took me around 5-10 savequits to get each one to spawn and achievement popped up easiely.
Posted by Kamo on 25 Apr 20 at 13:29
RuneSlayer4421@kamo It is a different requirement for Xbox vs PS4/Steam. Which is why this is the solution posted on an Xbox achievement forum.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 25 Apr 20 at 13:57
JayShockblastThis achievement is bugged and Gearbox really needs to be pressed into acknowledging it and fixing it. Just because there is some ridiculous work around does not mean it is not bugged. The text is VERY clear: "Find and kill all 4 rare spanws." I have done this. MANY TIMES. I have killed them with friends. I shouldn't have to do trigonometry to get this to work. They need to fix this. It doesn't say finish the quest, it says kill the spawn. Either adjust the text or fix the achievement. I shouldn't have to add people that know how to work around it and waste their time to get a single achievement and I shouldn't be wasting my time killing the spawns and hoping the quest will some day show up. I've had the quests and somehow I only have 25% completion on the achievement. I know where the spawns are and I have killed them many times. I patiently waited hoping it would get fixed and each update it is not. It's literally the last achievement I need and I just want to get it done. In the world view of things, is it that important? No. I get that. But you can't tell me a month after the DLC has been out it shouldn't be working properly. THIS IS NOT working properly. I'm just frustrated at all the time wasted trying to do this. It shouldn't be this complicated and there is no way this is what they intended.
Posted by JayShockblast on 26 Apr 20 at 20:03
Mike LangloisFor anyone interested, I reached out to 2k support about it and got this reply. It seems its a glitch and will be fixed soon


Hey there Mike,

Thank you for reaching out to Pandora's 2K Support Center and apologies for the delay! I'm also sorry to hear about the achievement unlock issue that you're running into. I'll do my best to help you out with this.

There's currently a known issue with this achievement if you're just playing through the DLC normally.

We do have a workaround at the moment: Currently how it works is, a friend of yours on your friends list has to kill a rare spawn and once they do, then that exact same rare spawn should populate a mission for you to grab at The Lodge in your own game. You'll then be able to accept that mission in The Lodge, and go ahead to carry out the killing of that rare spawn. Once you've accepted and completed the missions for all 4 rare spawns, the achievement should complete properly for you.

This is currently just a workaround while the development team works on solving the issue permanently. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to let me know!

Regards hunter,

Albert L.
2K Support
Posted by Mike Langlois on 26 Apr 20 at 21:56
BUILT TO HURTthe discord is great for this achievement, generally always someone on line that can help and as its worldwide it helps regardless of timezone. Cheers RuneSlayer4421
Posted by BUILT TO HURT on 04 May 20 at 02:44
ST3ALTH EMPER0RNeed help with this achievement as none have spawned for me yet.


Yeah finished this Achievement, went perfectly to be honest. All we did was the other did all 4 spawns while I was online, in which I got the missions. I quickly did all the missions, restarted the game, went back to the same locations to kill them again, in which he got the missions to go and kill them for the achievement!
Posted by ST3ALTH EMPER0R on 04 May 20 at 11:28
Glennie86does this mean that if someone kills one of them while I'm not online the mission will be there when i log next?? or do i have to be logged on when they kill one of them for the mission to come up for me? :)
Posted by Glennie86 on 12 May 20 at 17:00
TrainHeartXIIII've killed but the achievement doesn't pop up...what I've to do now?
Posted by TrainHeartXIII on 12 Jun 20 at 12:35
ShimaClassicJust realised you don’t even need majority of the above, all you need is this video:

Basically, go to the spawns in the video. This is what I did, literally took 10mins!
Posted by ShimaClassic on 13 Jun 20 at 14:03
JelmerFI finally got this achievement today (14-06) after trying numerous times since I have this game. There was a small patch earlier this week, maybe it was fixed?

I didn't have those bounty kill missions in the Lodge, but once again went to all the spawn areas, got all 4 kills, and the achievement popped.
Posted by JelmerF on 13 Jun 20 at 22:12
Cult of PumaSounds like they patched it.
Posted by Cult of Puma on 18 Jun 20 at 07:18
SPYAGEI can confirm, it’s been fixed, for me at least. Didn’t have the missions, and as stated above, just killed them normally and it popped right away.
Posted by SPYAGE on 18 Jun 20 at 23:41
burtondude33Can confirm, just go to the locations the solution shows, kill the 4 enemies, unlock achievement.
Posted by burtondude33 on 26 Jun 20 at 13:32
raultheuncaringSo we don't need to have anyone on our friend's list kill them first before getting the missions? I hope that is the case because this is the last achievement I need outside of the new DLC.
Posted by raultheuncaring on 26 Jun 20 at 14:24
Dead DwellerCan also confirm. Just go to locations. Kill all 4, and achievement unlocks. No extra help needed.
Posted by Dead Dweller on 06 Jul 20 at 15:50
TheBongoFuryCan also confirm when I killed the Rare Spawns again the achievement popped for me killing Voltborn!
Posted by TheBongoFury on 23 Jul 20 at 23:06
DaBeef2112I'm stuck at 75% but I've killed them all. None of my friends have the curse haven mission. Can anyone add me as a friend so I can get this one?

Posted by DaBeef2112 on 25 Jul 20 at 21:13
quorumzWhat a bullshit achievement....
It does not show posters but masks now. It says all killed but it says only 25% as progress. How lame is this and the friend crap dependency geez
Posted by quorumz on 04 Aug 20 at 18:50 this fixed? It's the last achievement I need, but I only play solo.
Posted by SmallGenie549 on 16 Aug 20 at 15:49
Lucent LunaYou should update this guide, killed all four without the quests, solo, and got the achievement first try. The friend step is completely unnecessary and this achievement is fixed.
Posted by Lucent Luna on 19 Aug 20 at 23:56
Waylon713Mine is still being dumb. It's the last Achievement I need and I'm stuck at 75%. Had two friends kill all of them multiple times in their own world, as did I. None of us had the kill missions available at the Lodge. If anyone wants to help me out it would be amazing since my OCD is killing me about having this one still not being unlocked.
Posted by Waylon713 on 27 Aug 20 at 16:11
Kendog116Yeah, thats a new account played until i killed all 4. Multiple attempts on my main both normal mode and tvhm. Still wont unlock. Nightmare as its my very last one to get
Posted by Kendog116 on 01 Sep 20 at 00:26
Take FruitsAs of 9/8/20, i had not grabbed the actual missions, and had just played through the story missions and gotten the achievement after Voltborn.
Posted by Take Fruits on 08 Sep 20 at 17:15
Hyper445I can also confirm, I just got the achievement about an hour ago without the quests from the Lodge, while attempting to do the two console method. It looks like a recent update has changed it so the quest is no longer required for the achievement and you can just go kill them.
Posted by Hyper445 on 10 Sep 20 at 04:05
vSullyCan confirm- I simply killed them solo at their spawn places and the counter went up 25% each time.
Posted by vSully on 15 Sep 20 at 21:30
Jarie SuicuneOh, thank goodness they fixed it... the friend-based rare spawn mission mechanic is seriously one of the stupidest things I have ever dealt with, considering they all just spawn randomly naturally anyway.
Posted by Jarie Suicune on 17 Sep 20 at 08:51
Shoot H3reSo I unlocked this (solo on PS4) the other day, and it literally took one try for each of the 4 monsters.

I do not know if its been patched or if I just got extremellllly lucky. Am curious on others experience.
Posted by Shoot H3re on 02 Dec 20 at 22:17
Trodarkdeouf RJLocations are good.
Missions dont exist anymore. To make the achievement possible you just need to kill the 4 bosses in their own locations. (Solo mode)
Posted by Trodarkdeouf RJ on 12 Dec 20 at 23:32
BobWingsFor anyone struggling with this solo, my last one was Negul Neshai - Shiverous the Unscathed. This enemy spawns flying from outside of the map.
Posted by BobWings on 16 Jan 21 at 15:27
HullabaloozaI only started this DLC recently so all the chatter about this achievement being bugged and pictures of the quest locations is really confusing as it seems that neither of those things apply any more. I would recommend either taking that stuff out or putting it into a spoiler alert section (and explain what it is) so most people reading this don't see it. The pictures of the locations are really helpful so thanks very much for those, that's what helped me ultimately get this achievement. And thanks to the comments from Trodarkdeouf RJ explaining the current situation and BobWings for the tip on Shiverous the Unscathed as I hadn't noticed that and the tip was really useful.
Posted by Hullabalooza on 20 Mar 21 at 09:40
The SCHWARTZ 00Can confirm, you don't need anyone to get this done now.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 27 Apr 21 at 06:07
Mula BeiçudaPreciso de ajuda com essa conquista,os dois reswpas de Negul neshai não estão contando pra mim,preciso de um amigo que tenha matado os respaws para que isso de certo.
Posted by Mula Beiçuda on 11 Dec 21 at 15:38
DombineThere is a lot of comments here with quite alot of confusion so hopefully this might shed some light.
I've just been following the DLC campaign, just got to Negul Neshai and killed the 4th rare spawn getting the achievement. I haven't activated any side mission target quests like the last screenshot suggests. Ive simply been playing though, shooting the statues, opening gifts and killing Sir Hammerlocks targets.
Whilst doing the main mission "On the Mountain of Mayhem" there's an area you have go to and kill a bug to get its heart for a fuse, I killed the 4th target in there BEFORE I got to this point in the Main Mission.
Posted by Dombine on 18 Dec 21 at 20:39