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Running Up the High Score

Complete Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives in your Inventory

Running Up the High Score-0.5
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28 Mar 2020 28 Mar 2020
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Extra life mode is a separate game mode where it plays more like the original doom. Once all you lives run out, that's it game over. You can choose a difficulty so I would recommend play this on I'm too young to die. I would also recommend you play this on your second play through as if you collect everything during this play through, you will have to collect everything again if you are going for (master of fasting) achievement as you can not replay missions in extra life mode.

Note: you can beat the game with more then 10 extra lives. I finish that game with 47 and the achievement pop once the credits rolled.
GlitchNDaSystemI would like to add that, even on I'm Too Young to Die, the slayer gates and secret challenges can be challenging, as you cannot come back to them when you have better gear, so it might be worth saving lives by not attempting them.

EDIT: And you can grind out weapon challenges in the ripatorium by exiting to the main menu and re-loading back in
Posted by GlitchNDaSystem on 28 Mar at 18:31
NoHeroes94Do cheat codes work (for example, Infinite Ammo?) They apparently don't void other achievements. I'm doing my 100% playthrough without using cheat codes.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 30 Mar at 12:23
KillerZ x AceNoHeroes94 you can only use cheats by replaying the mission you have previously finished. Since you can’t replay missions on ‘Extra Life Mode’ cheats become un-usable.

My question however is: can you combine both the Extra Life Mode and equipping only one Chrystal and Praetor Suit ability challenges during 1 playthrough on I am to Young to Die?

I have completed the Campaign on Hurt me Plenty, but is the difficulty difference noticable?
Posted by KillerZ x Ace on 30 Mar at 15:25
NoHeroes94@KillerZ x Ace - Makes sense, sorry for the dumb comment!
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 01 Apr at 08:15
three daug@KillerZ x Ace I had this same thought. I don't think i would do another play through just to get unmodded so if it can be done easily enough with this achievement that would be good. Let me know how you get on.

Also are there points of no return where if you don't have x lives by here go back?
Posted by three daug on 01 Apr at 08:51
GlitchNDaSystemKiller and Three Daug, I am doing both at the same time. It isnt too bad, just make sure you go after every secret. I recommend taking the Health upgrade and the faster dash recharge. The bonus health is super helpful (or it would be if I picked that instead of extra ammo like an idiot) and the faster dash recharge is pretty much essential compared to like, every other praetor upgrade.

I last finished the Arc Complex level with like 25 or so lives playing on ITYTD, so I imagine you should be fine with careful gameplay. But I think at this point I am going to stop doing the slayer gates, because I want to minimize the possible Marauder encounters. Even on ITYTD he is challenging
Posted by GlitchNDaSystem on 01 Apr at 18:15
KOX KingOfXbox4Can you reset your console or quit if you die ?
Posted by KOX KingOfXbox4 on 06 Apr at 17:03
Divinus CorvusExtra lives are everywhere. Theres like 3 or more in every level. You shouldn't need to worry about running out of them.
Posted by Divinus Corvus on 07 Apr at 05:22
antyagonistaExtra life mode is a separate game mode where it plays more like the original doom. Once all you lives run out, that's it game over.

omg have you played original doom?
Posted by antyagonista on 10 Apr at 16:04
GlitchNDaSystemIf you play on ITYTD and collect all extra lives in a level you should be fine. I did ITYTD and the Unmodded challenge on my extra life mode playthrough and beat the game with like 30 extra lives, so its totally doable. Just make sure to pause and take a breath each time The Marauder pops up. Hes really the only enemy that'll take life after life from you if you find yourself going on tilt. Also watch your surroundings. Even on ITYTD it is easy to accidentally back yourself into a corner and get surrounded
Posted by GlitchNDaSystem on 15 Apr at 13:30
NegativeCreep08Usually the best way to deal with the Marauders is a one-two hit with the super shotgun and ballista. But if there are lots of other enemies around, a good tip is to fire sticky bombs at his feet, or use the rocket launcher lock on and aim off to the side, where they should steer themselves around his shield. Ice bomb instantly kills the ghost dog as well.
Posted by NegativeCreep08 on 20 Apr at 07:49
MatadorBIDDo not attempt the "Can't Perfect Perfection" milestone (Unlock only 1 Praetor Suit perk and 1 Sentinel Crystal) while chasing this achievement. Playing on ITYTD I maxed out at 22 lives, made it to Urdak with 18, but got melted down to 4 before making it to the last level. Only 4 lives to pick up in that level so I have to start over. angry
Posted by MatadorBID on 25 Apr at 05:48
three daugJust got this on ITYTD with can't perfect perfection, ended with 39 lives. didn't even do my weapons all the way up. The only thing I lost lives to was marauders and the final boss fight. The only real set back was failling to escape the super gore nest when i got turned around which is actually GAME OVER :/ Pretty easy all in all
Posted by three daug on 29 Apr at 13:57
Parkman RulesI destroyed the heart in the super gore nest and when I was escaping from the autodestruct I got lost and died losing all my 23 lives at once when I ran out of time. WTF?
Posted by Parkman Rules on 13 Jun at 18:59