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Relic Hoarder

Collect all Relics on the map in the fifth Suryavarman mission.

Relic Hoarder-2.8
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31 Mar 2020 31 Mar 2020
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There is 9 relics on the map
4 relics on your base (2 in the walled one and the other 2 on your southern ''monastery feet'')
1 relic is far east on an isle and you need a transport ship to get it
2 relics are just north of your armies (1 near a scout and pikeman), the other is just cornering the first purple base
1 relic is behind Red's base and blue will garrison it quickly
The last relic is on the west of your walled base and on the LOS of your outposts. You can be quick and collect it before the blue monk tries.

Anyway, blue will be your only opponent trying to get relics, so as soon as you destroy him (his base is fairly weak and without castles), you'll get his relics and don't bother with annoying rams.