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Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Storm in Achaia.

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There are five total Order members you have to kill in this DLC. One is story related and can’t be missed

Working left to right:

1.Locate the documents at the Olourous Fortress, in the building in the middle of the fort with the Nation Chest, these will then give you the location of the Order Member on a ship. AN IMPORTANT note here some people report you do have to confirm your kill, some say you don’t. I rammed the boat instead of boarding in my ultimate wisdom and still got the confirmed kill so your mileage may vary.

2.By killing the guy before on the ship will reveal this Order Member. Go kill her and move to the next.

3.At the end of the Theatrics and Espionage quest you will be attacked by the Order member and two of his goons, kill him and another one down.

4. Head to Shipwreck Cove (the place you got those trinkets for the guy in the main mission) and on the wreckage of the boat in between two large rock outcroppings is a body. Go over to the body and find the note which will reveal the location of the Order member. Mark him, Fast travel to the location nearby and kill him.

Achievement Unlocked!

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StulockHolmesFor the first one on the ship I boarded but knocked him into the water before he was dead. He drowned but I didn’t need to ‘Confirm the Kill’.
Straight after the Theatrics & Espionage mission you can take the Tides of War mission, and you’ll find an order member at the shipyard of Patrai location you have to go to.
Posted by StulockHolmes on 12 May at 10:27
CasualJayyFor the clue you're supposed to receive from Nestor (Ancient on the ship) it didn't pop for me as I didn't confirm the kill. I was able to have it pop for me by saving, loading another save and then loading back to the save after I'd killed him. In case anyone else runs into that problem
Posted by CasualJayy on 01 Jun at 04:18
GingerShrimp40i killed everyone of the cultist and got the sword of kings but i dont have this chevo
Posted by GingerShrimp40 on 25 Jun at 22:03