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Collect 'Em All

Complete 25 bounties for the Bounty Broker.

Collect 'Em All-5.9
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12 Apr 2020 27 Aug 2020
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You can only have 3 Active Bounties at one time and only Active Bounties count their progress, however, you can accept lots of bounties and return to the Bounty Broker and switch them as you please to make things a lot faster.

For example, there is a bounty that requires you to use 8 fuel cans, so simply pull up to the Broker when you need to refuel, turn on that bounty and fill ‘er up! When you’re done, switch out the bounty and move on. This will let you progress the more passive bounties as you need whilst keeping Active Bounties as things that will be most useful when out in the field.

Look to stack bounties that have similar requirements like bladed kills, combat kills etc. This will also make progress on this otherwise tedious achievement much faster. Bounties also carry between communities in the base game, so you can make progress in various places and even use not turned in Bounties as a method of starting with some free guns in a new community.

Note: a number of users reporting tracking issues with this achievement in August 2020. Seemingly relating to the most recent patch given that no prior issues were noted.
GSR CAORdoes progress stay through multiple legacies?
Posted by GSR CAOR on 19 Apr at 23:53
TinyMiracle91@ GSR CAOR I haven’t completed a Legacy with Bounties active personally, but the same bounties have been available to me in different Communities - so, yes, progress does appear to carry over.
Posted by TinyMiracle91 on 20 Apr at 01:54
SashamorningGood solution. +1
Posted by Sashamorning on 14 Jul at 19:22
JOHN SWFCYes, I ended a campaign with bounties partially completed, the same progress and the active bounties were onscreen straightaway when I started my next one on a different map. So the achievement can be gained across multiple playthroughs.
Posted by JOHN SWFC on 26 Jul at 10:52
ReD S1XHmm, I've done 25 bounties total and doing more but nothing unlocks and stuck at 96%, wonder what gives?
Posted by ReD S1X on 22 Aug at 01:16
MellygotJazzedMy tracker went to 46% then wouldn’t move any further even after completing multiple bounties?!
Posted by MellygotJazzed on 23 Aug at 12:18
BlueDragon71990Glitched and stick at 96%. I've must have done 28 by now. And it's still at 96% it's not counting anymore.
Posted by BlueDragon71990 on 24 Aug at 03:34
Mr KrizlaSeems I have the same issue on this one
Posted by Mr Krizla on 24 Aug at 08:06
RamonGamer01thanks very easy
Posted by RamonGamer01 on 24 Aug at 18:48
CornandnutsStuck at 44%. I’ve done at least 30 by now.
Posted by Cornandnuts on 26 Aug at 15:03
MellygotJazzedI’m on 22 bounties at the mo and the tracker is still on 46%
Posted by MellygotJazzed on 27 Aug at 06:41
ONTY 1 TDOGSame stuck on 80% and iv done 25
Posted by ONTY 1 TDOG on 29 Aug at 16:00
ColzoHIs it worth it to keep doing bounties before the patch fix or will I just have less bounties to do that haven’t counted towards the achievement
Posted by ColzoH on 30 Aug at 13:26
Kenpachi97I was stuck when I was playing on the xbox and did 10 to complete my bounties with no progress. I started playing the game on my PC (as this is a play anywhere title) and the achievement unlocked. Hope this is a work around for everyone here.
Posted by Kenpachi97 on 06 Sep at 01:29
Mexicano loco24Hello, I also had problems with this achievement, what I did was reset the console WITHOUT ERASING THE GAMES, when loading the game with your data you make the count work again, which will make you skip the achievement or in your case, that keep accumulating.

This procedure also worked for me for Legacy Achievements, I hope it works for you, regards.
Posted by Mexicano loco24 on 30 Sep at 04:04
MellygotJazzedJust loaded up the game now 4/10 and it popped as soon as I entered a game toast
Posted by MellygotJazzed on 04 Oct at 07:51