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Mr. Shakedown Takedown

Defeat Mr. Shakedown for the first time.

Mr. Shakedown Takedown-0.1
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18 Apr 2020 18 Apr 2020
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Mr Shakdown appears at various points, he is huge and on the mini map has his own unique icon.

I would recommend avoiding this fight in the first couple of chapters, as losing will mean losing your money instead wait until Chapter 4 as you will unlock Slugger Style with

This slugger style not only inflicts huge damage but blocking with the baseball is able to withstand much more damage.

To Prepare:
Go to the Abilities Tree under the Slugger Branch and increase your health, Power, Wear Equipment which boosts defence and the Security Wallett (this is great as is drastically reduces the cash he steals from you in case you lose) Ensure you visit a convenience store and carry as much of the highest qualiy Toughness health drink and also carry drinks which give you a Heat Boost.

The Fight
The key to the fight is blocking/ his attacks, your bat should withstand most attacks and then pummeling him with three hits, try and use the combo of X,X,X, Y. Also try to evade and get around his
back wh. Don't go blow for blow as he will win. Either block or evade his attack, do your combo and you will whittle aich is a great wy to drop himaway his health. Once your Heat meter is charged get close with your block up then unleash the Special move also remember to drink Tauriner ++ to boost your Heat. Remember that once your health gets low you can use the inventory to drink a health potion.

Provided you have filled your inventory with Health/Heat drink and unlocked a few abilites this should pose much of a problem. If you can defeat him you should be getting around 10mill so its well worth it.
Apostle92627Eh, I just went back to the game after a long break when a missable achievement glitched. I'm currently in chapter 2 and beat him up with my 2x4.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 23 Aug 20 at 17:09
ŤŴΊŤËÐ ÜBËRDoes he come back for more after u defeated him?
Posted by ŤŴΊŤËÐ ÜBËR on 15 Jan at 10:16
TheBoxyBearCan't you just do it when you meet him for the first time and has very little health (compared to the previous boss)
Posted by TheBoxyBear on 04 Mar at 17:56
Osirian08The first time you meet him is a scripted story event, so no that won’t work.

And yes he does come back for more...with lots of extra health each time. Equipping a high damage weapon will also help a lot with him.
Posted by Osirian08 on 09 Mar at 22:22