The Complex Review by FullMoonBeaver

20 Apr 2020
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Welcome to my review of The Complex. Another title from the rather good Wales Interactive, who have made a habit of developing these interactive movies, rather than a genuine video game. Its reminiscent of the "choose your own adventure" books that you read as a kid if you're old like me. But this direction that Wales Interactive took has certainly rewarded them with new life, and has made the company stand out in the ID Xbox program.

Starting off, I should say that graphics aren't something I can critique, mostly due to the fact that real people are playing the characters in The Complex. But when you strip all that away, you're left with the menus screens and pop up options for choices in game. This is pretty much all of it, and it looks crisp and fresh on the eyes with a more minimalistic approach. Looks good and does the job.

Moving onto the cast, I'd say that the main cast, Emily, Kensington, Rees, and Amy all performed exceptionally. Believable characters with an emphasis on the emotions, development of their roles and the background of such individuals leaves me hoping that they will in future work on Wales Interactive projects should their schedules allow. Despite this being a rather short experience, I was fixated on my screen throughout my 2 and a bit playthroughs. Tense atmosphere plus a shady business deal with a Supreme Leader of Kindar made for an engrossing display.

Controlling the game is as simple as allowing each scene to play out on it's own accord with the chance to select what dialogue option to choose from. I appreciate the change of pace from other games, and its titles like this that help.

Audio is mostly set in the background so as not to overwhelm what's going on in front of you. Sure it's there if you want to pay attention, but you'll be sucked into The Complex, of that I'm certain.

This new dynamic that was started by WI a couple of years ago has really set the ball rolling for them, as they move away from regular video games. Is it worth it? A massive yes. Just go back and give Late Shift, The Bunker and the rest of their back catalogue a go. Totally worth it in my humble opinion.

Achievements now, and with 9 different endings to uncover, means that multiple playthroughs are required to grab them all. If you manage them all, then you will likely unlock them all. No need for anything complicated. Also, no collectables! Gamers rejoice.

To wrap things up, The Complex is a worth title to add to your collection, and supports a fantastic company that fully deserves all the awards and applauds that are sent their way. I for one cannot wait until the next title arrives on our shores. Go grab it today.

Developer: Wales Interactive
Publisher: Wales Interacitve
Release Date: 31st March 2020
Price: £9.99
III JMcH IIINice review.

I do like Wales Interactive. I enjoyed both this and Late Shift.
Posted by III JMcH III on 27 Apr 20 at 23:43
FullMoonBeaverThanks. Appreciate your kind words. Late Shift was a tense ride and I loved the various ways of playing it for different outcomes. Worked well in my opinion.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 28 Apr 20 at 18:40
Trombonafide+1 from me. My only complaint is there seems to be a weird sound quality issue. The dialogue mixing sounds tinny, like its coming a cracked speaker come. It’s not something I’ve heard in their other games. It was a minor annoyance at most.
Posted by Trombonafide on 08 Jun 20 at 00:41
FullMoonBeaverSorry you experienced that sound bug. I never had that happen. Unless my hearing is on the blink.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 08 Jun 20 at 01:22