Creature in the Well Review by keke7302

23 Apr 2020 23 Apr 2020
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Creature in the Well is a unique mix between a puzzle, a hack 'n' slash and a Pinball game, where your character is the "flipper". In this game, you are a robot, and your goal is to restore power to a mountainous desert facility by defeating the hostile Creature living there. The game is, overall, quite nice and well thought-out, and I found myself enjoying it.

In this game, you'll be charging and hitting power balls to lower bumpers, convert turrets and recover energy, which will then be used to open doors in each new dungeon you visit. That's pretty much all you will do, but it's far from being a bad thing! The gameplay felt very satisfying, as I completed each dungeon that invariably ended with an encounter with the aforementioned Creature. Some parts can be hard and frustrating, of course, especially towards the last levels, which is why you will also be looking to complete each room as you go, finding useful "weapons" in some secret rooms. All in all, a very solid and innovative gameplay, which last for around 8 hours if you don't have too many problems with the last levels.

The graphics are another solid point, being very artsy and colorful, with a distinct art direction. The designs for the main character and antagonist are also quite endearing, which helps the immersion. The sound design and music are excellent and add to the game's charm, even though the music often repeats, which is normal with such a short game. Finally, I find the achievement list to be well-balanced, and fortunately forgiving, as you don't have to go out of your way for the 100%: just complete the game, find all secret rooms and upgrade your character to the max.

All in all, it was quite an enjoyable completion, and I would recommend this game to any puzzle and Pinball games fan!