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The Street Fighter

Complete Level 1

The Street Fighter-0.1
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The actions in order you need to press are:

B - DC - Fan Boy
Street Fighter - Not Missable Level 1
B - Quit - Will Work For Coffee - (Restarts game)
A- Suck it up - A Quarter Mile at a Time
Either(Level isn't Missable) - No Respect
A - Try to sneak in(B skips level) - Lost Track of time
Either - Put the money in the bag
A- Actually I had a dream about printers - Down on a farm
A Unfortunately I already ate(B skips) - Movie Star
B - Umm I wonder what that would be like - There's Always room for zombies
Either - Fastest Gun in the west
Either - Mountain Man
A - Sounds Fun - Look at the brain on Doug
After Boss battle - Comeuppance