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In The Nick Of Time

Reach the Taurus V with only seconds to go

In The Nick Of Time0
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24 Apr 2020 24 Apr 2020
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This is early in the game when launching the rocket. See when and where I interacted with the ladder, it popped as I got to the top. I clicked the button around 4 seconds and the timer stopped at 3.

I MooseJoose IThank you!
Posted by I MooseJoose I on 30 Apr 20 at 00:19
TymanTheLongFWIW, clicking at 5 seconds didn’t pop this for me. It seems like it really does have to be under 5 seconds, aka 4 or less.
Posted by TymanTheLong on 07 Oct 20 at 16:34
Posted by IINUMB3R44 on 07 Apr at 13:54
netstrykerI stayed very close of ladder, when time reach 5 seconds left, I simply run to ladder and pressed X, at this moment the countdown were in 3 seconds left. The cheevo popped! Thanks!
Posted by netstryker on 11 Apr at 05:59