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Two of each

Collect two of each land animal on your raft, and sail into a storm.

Two of each-14.0
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25 Apr 2020 19 May 2020
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First off it's well worth saying this achievement is a little buggy. It took me a few goes along with a few other people. Some of the physics for moving animals are a little odd, I personally had a hog fly off the map when trying to put it onto the raft so be gentle. The animals also don't stick very well to the raft so you need to be well prepared. Before you begin make sure you're well fed and watered as there will be a little bit of waiting.

You need to have these animals on board during a storm -

2x Crabs
2x Night Snakes
2x Boars
2x Seagulls
2x Bats

Your raft - I personally had a 3x1 raft, but if you have something bigger there's less chance of the animals falling off. It can be done on something smaller though with a bit of care. Make sure your raft has an anchor, sail and rudder and kill the following in this order-

Crabs - Easy to kill, they can store in your inventory for when you need them. Don't skin them.
Seagulls - Throw a spear into group of them or wait till one sits on a rock / tree. They only appear in the day, again, they can be stored.

The Crabs and Seagulls are plentiful. Keep them in your inventory so they won't disappear and get them out when you need them.

For the next part we're going to use any island to 'farm' animals. Save then back out to the Main Menu > Cartographer > New Island > Animals Tab > Toggle to the wild boar setting to 2/2 and Night snake to 2/2. Apply the settings, back out and save, chose any name and any description and once done go to World Editor and 'Replace Island' on the island you want to replace, back out and save. Make sure your map is small with few trees and rocks to find the animals easier.

Sail to your custom island and pull your raft onto the shore and kill in the following order -

Night Snakes - Poke them with spears, if passive mode is on they can't hurt you. They appear thought the day / night contrary to their name. Kill them but use cn_LT to carry them to your raft. Put them right in the middle.
Boars - Best killed by poking them with a spear, use cn_LT to carry them to your raft. Put them in the middle. Don't skin them as they fall through your raft if you do.
Bats - We're leaving these till last as they're plentiful but there's a glitch where they disappear from your inventory if you leave the game or reload. Throw a spear into group of them or wait till one sits on a rock / tree. You can keep them in your inventory for now though.

So by now you should have 2 crabs, 2 seagulls and 2 bats in your inventory. 2 boars and 2 night snakes on your raft. Carefully pull the raft out to sea and turn it around to the open ocean, it doesn't need to go out too far. Make sure there's no rocks, corals etc in front of you so when you're ready to go your raft won't get stuck. Stick your anchor on and keep an eye on your boars and snakes falling off, adjust them if necessary, once they seem stable enough throw the crabs, seagulls and bats into the middle of the raft. You will literally have a pile full of dead animals. As soon as it starts to rain, release your anchor and get sailing off into the sunset with your well earned achievement. It should pop up reasonably quickly into your journey.
lGhostAssassinIGood God this was a buggy achievement. After about two hours of attempting I finally just pulled out the raft into a storm with only the two snakes and two hogs and while I was still swimming I got the chievo. At that point I didn't even have the bats in my inventory just the crabs and seagulls. This was just super buggy with the hogs and snakes bouncing everywhere it was annoying af. This should have been where we could put the two hogs and snakes in our inventory like the other three animals then place all in the raft.
Posted by lGhostAssassinI on 29 Apr at 01:31
SplinunzIf only you could tie things to your raft or have storage etc. At least you got it.
Posted by Splinunz on 29 Apr at 07:32
SPACE ODDITYYeah, this is buggy. I had 2 hogs, 2 snakes on the raft, and the other animals in my inventory. My achievement unlocked as soon as I started sailing, there wasn't a storm at the time.
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 30 Apr at 06:07
SkridgerSo can this be done with the life raft you already have, or do you have to craft one?
Posted by Skridger on 01 May at 12:20
ResDogsMrPinkWish the terms for meeting this were more clear... 3 times I've done exactly what this bullshit achievement says to do and wont pop. I've tried dropping the animals, keeping them on me, I've pulled my boat on land and loaded it, I've loaded it in the water. Nothing matters, 2 crabs, 2 seagulls, 2 bats, 2 boars, 2 snakes...nothing. I've sailed when it starts raining, I've sailed after the storm is going strong. Only thing ive achieved is wasting 6hrs of my life.
Posted by ResDogsMrPink on 05 May at 15:14
ResDogsMrPink4th attempt which was actually me giving up and going home popped it. Funny thing is I reloaded my save and had the boars and snakes on the boat, crabs and seagulls in my inventory (bats WERE there but as pointed out they disappeared) so I gave up and skinned the leather off the boars, while on my raft, and left them intact to skin the meat back home. So I had crabs and gulls on me, boars and snakes on the boat, no visible bats at all...bright sunny afternoon and I just started going home. It popped almost almost the same instance I raised my sail. So if you're stuck...maybe try what I did to pop it. Stupid achievement, the hell are the snakes on the boat for??? We dont use them for ANYTHING! Meaning through natural play, you would never have the snake on your boat, pointless Noahs arc reference.
Posted by ResDogsMrPink on 05 May at 15:58
zombizeroHow the hell are you lot getting a boar on your boat, let alone two? As soon as I hit LT, the boar goes bats""t insane like a kid on E at a rave.
Posted by zombizero on 09 May at 23:34
SplinunzWhen I grabbed the boar, instead of dragging it across the floor where it would hit the environment I remember walking very slowly with it and raising it in the air.
Posted by Splinunz on 10 May at 04:59
BiLLzuMaNaTiI had the bats disappear from my inventory and I still tried it and it popped
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 10 May at 11:08

I sailed around awaiting a storm for quite some time until finally a very brief light shower occurred. No achievement. So, I thought it may need to be a full on rolling waves, thunder and lightning spectacle. Waited around more while my raft was just offshore and anchored and thought if I sleep, perhaps it will cue up some different weather. Nope. A beautiful sunrise greeted my tired and weary form. I swam out to the raft and as soon as I held down the A button to climb aboard, the achievement freed itself from it's hidden digital domain and became one with my gamerscore.

Perhaps that experience will aid another member here.

Below is my original post when I was having difficulty with the boars.

Thanks for the info Splinunz and BiLLz. Gently picking the boar up and moving slow seems to be working, however, once I added the second boar to the raft, the other went all twisted and flew off the map. Looks like it will work out but with a fair bit of luck or fluke.
Posted by zombizero on 11 May at 17:38
xx Kenshira xxnotice, you don't need bats or seagulls. atleast what i've been reading. but the boars are a pain in the ass to deal with. i found hitting them 3 times with spear. collect the original 3, then push him inland. and get him idol before the final blow. that does seem to stop them from flipping out. but for carrying. that's a whole other thing. i found just taking a bed. save. drag get it on there. save lol
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 16 May at 05:48
Halderdidnt pop first time for me.

had everything on the raft (no bats) didnt work.
tried again a few times and eventually unlocked when i dropped crabs from my inventory while at sea.

save when you've got all animals next to the raft, so you can reload if the Pigs glitch out.
once the pigs and snakes are on the raft safe and secure, save again.
Posted by Halder on 16 May at 11:54
Lt DavoBats and seagulls aren't required. First try: snakes and boars - no achievement. Second try: snakes, boars, and crabs - achievement unlocked. Others have made the same comment. Please correct the solution.
Posted by Lt Davo on 19 May at 02:14
SplinunzHave changed the solution slightly. Some people have reported you need seagulls and bats, others not. Until it's confirmed I'll leave them in there with the amendments I've made.
Posted by Splinunz on 19 May at 10:28
GrumpyYogi1968Played normally for 4 sunny days game time with boars, snakes and crabs on my ship. On the 5th day, still no storm, i hop on my ship to do my usual daily exploring and with the sun brightly shinning, the achievement popped? 5 min later, i got my first storm in at least 5 days. Close enough :)
Posted by GrumpyYogi1968 on 13 Jun at 22:18
Solobrus22This didnt unlock for me at the first attempt, so after the storm i went back tomy base, saved and restarted my Xbox. As soon as the game loaded back up i went to the raft and and sailed (without a storm), as soon as I lowered the sails, the achievement popped.

Without seagulls and bats
Posted by Solobrus22 on 22 Jun at 14:07
Koalt FortyFiveHey! This may be helpful information for people struggling to keep their raft from tipping over.

So I loaded my default raft with 2 boars, snakes, & crabs right on the shore by the water. Waited a few days until a storm and when in full swing I grabbed my raft with the drag feature and swam backwards while holding it. As soon as I entered open waters and off the island while dragging the raft. The achievement popped.

Before this I reloaded my save 20 times trying to stop my raft from tipping over because off the dead weight (hehe pun). In a desperate attempt I just dragged it out into the ocean and boom! Achievement! Didn’t even have to get in the raft.
Posted by Koalt FortyFive on 30 Jun at 03:53
Galenrandirwhat have people been doing about the glitchy boars? Every time I grab one, it starts twisting and flies off the map
Posted by Galenrandir on 03 Jul at 01:34
Solobrus22Walk slowly, with the boar close to the ground.
Posted by Solobrus22 on 03 Jul at 11:14
J4YC00MB3SSo this is my findings on this buggy achievement.
I tried the above methods, didnt work at all. Tried it numerous times through storms (lightening, rough seas, rain)

However I tried something new, made a second raft, it was a 3x2 size to keep bores and snakes from sliding off.
*Had a sail, anchor and a outboard motor.*
I had birds, bats and crabs in my inventory.
Apparently bats disappear in 24hrs, so farmed them every night.

Waited for a storm on my home island in the shallows so raft wont rock, prevent bores from sliding off.
When the first sound of *lightning* hit, I travelled out into the rough sea. The achievement popped about 15seconds from leaving.

Hope this helps others who are struggling to acquire this buggy achievement.
Posted by J4YC00MB3S on 11 Jul at 12:49
TiohhUsing all the comments here I got this to pop! Thank you all so much, before finding this thread I had all my animals (birds and bats included) on my raft, but I had them in on the raft base with no floor so they wouldn’t slide out, I sailed through a storm and nothing, no achievement, after finding this thread I re-loaded my save and then went out to open sea, I had just the boars and snakes onboard on an actual raft floor Around my sail, and the bats crabs and birds Stayed in my inventory, I was actually just standing there on my raft waiting for a storm, when I got the achievement my anchor Was down, Sails up, i wasn’t even operating the raft in any way.. idk super buggy. Hopefully the info in everyone’s comments helps! Good luck!
Posted by Tiohh on 24 Aug at 06:52