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Did You Major in Marine Bio?

Halo: Reach: Encounter the hidden marines on Exodus.

Did You Major in Marine Bio?0
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jordan macitjordan macit301,144
26 Apr 2020 26 Apr 2020
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Simply load up the mission 'Exodus' from Rally Point Charlie and after exiting the falcon simply follow the path I take in the video and you will find your way to the marines (who funnily enough, are not there) and you will get your achievement!

I created this video to help:

Hope this helps.
spraggot122I've tried this at least 10 times, I cannot jetpack that high no matter what I do. I even tried standing on top of the warthog and jetpacking from there and I still just barely miss the small cliff.
Posted by spraggot122 on 30 May 21 at 15:57
jordan macit@spraggot122 - As far as I know they haven't updated anything but maybe they have, that might explain why it won't let you get that high? Sorry
Posted by jordan macit on 03 Jun 21 at 02:23