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111% Effort

Achieve 111% in the game

111% Effort+6.2
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28 Apr 2020 28 Apr 2020
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Basically it's completing everything. I think the 111% is a joke, like give it more than everything you have. Below is a guide for all objectives, collectibles, and achievement details.
Parkman RulesI think that for this achievement you only need all 30 gold medals and doing all of the memories and arcade levels. Mine popped and I was at 75/90 challenges after I had beaten the last arcade level.
Posted by Parkman Rules on 30 Apr 20 at 00:49
True ReclaimWell that makes this game more appealing as I won't have awkward gamerscore for long
Posted by True Reclaim on 30 Apr 20 at 01:23
Aki240360/90 challenges, 30 Story level Golds, All Pets Rescued, All Toilets Sat On, All Hidden Consoles Found, All Mailboxes Slapped, All Memory Levels Completed & All Arcade Levels Completed and the achievement has unlocked.

My overall completion on the load game screen is only 94%
Posted by Aki2403 on 01 May 20 at 16:26
darkmafia99Yeah I can confirm I did all the arcade memory gold in all story and I think 71/90 all toilets and mailboxes, the hidden machine one I didn't finish until I did this 111
Posted by darkmafia99 on 03 May 20 at 01:24
New xDante1986Video was good and few times helpfull but don´t understand why you didn´t show a lot of stuff to do, just a comment how to do it without further info like with the pipe you need to push....that´s gave me headache and I tried it 30-40 times until "right moment" as you said in the video.. But yuo need to hit the button above the push arm....not arm directly....
Posted by New xDante1986 on 14 Jun 20 at 17:06
paramoreRyanYeah as mentioned above it seems to require all gold / memories / arcades. I had the minimum challenges completed for the arcade levels to unlock (57) and I got this achievement.
Posted by paramoreRyan on 25 Apr at 19:15