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Pointy Mountain G.O.A.T

Earn 45 Gold Stars

Pointy Mountain G.O.A.T-6.0
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The hospitals in Two Point's world map are divided into Base Game / DLC and County's. Each County contains 3 hospitals, and each DLC is its own County.

The base game, aka the main land, has 5 Counties, which means there are 15 hospitals to complete/earn three stars in, in order to get 45 stars. Each County you unlock starts with two unlocked hospitals, which unlock a third once achieving at least one star in both of them. Each Hospital has a "theme" of sorts, such as a new illness, only being able to hire untrained staff, frequent earthquakes, etc. The final stage on the main land, Croquembouche, is an amalgamation of everything you've learnt in the main game, complete with a ridiculous amount of patents flooding your hospital at all times.


The star related achievements are earnt as follows, assuming you have completed (aka 3 starred) each hospital:

County-Wide - Earn 15 Gold Stars:
Complete 5 hospitals

Inter-Countinental - Earn 30 Gold Stars
Complete 10 hospitals

Pointy Mountain G.O.A.T - Earn 45 Gold Stars
Complete 15 hospitals (aka the "Base Game")


The New Gold Standard - Earn 54 Gold Stars
The (Second) New Gold Standard - Earn 63 Gold Stars
The (Third) New Gold Standard - Earn 72 Gold Stars

These three achievements relate to completing each DLC's County.


I strongly recommend you complete each stage in order to avoid sudden difficulty spikes during your campaign progress. Avoid DLC Hospitals (aka the separate Islands) until you have completed the mainland fully.

By the the time I achieved 45 gold stars, I had managed to get 1000G without going out of my way to do so in any way. So I would just focus on 3 starring hospitals and only worry about side stuff after if you somehow manage to miss something. For some reason the base game has an extra 20G for the completion, which involves the Remix levels. REMIX Stars (blue stars) are not counted in any of these Gold Star related achievements. They have their own separate achievements. I recommend skipping these until achieving all of the gold stars, as they require a completely different play style.


Tips for 3-starring hospitals.

Before you even hire your first member of staff, make sure that you do the following; bottom left of the screen, click on the "Finance" slide -> Overview -> "Policy".

Diagnosis Threshold for Treatment: 80%
Queue Warning Length: 4
Fast-Track Treatment Decision = Enabled
Staff Leave Rooms when Idle = Enabled, until you have enough income to fund enough staff to have one (or more) per room.
Staff Training Messages = Disabled. It's annoying. Just train staff in your own time.
Promote Staff Automatically = Disabled, and don't promote people until you're ready to train them. Once your income is high enough, enable it to keep staff happy.

Specialise your staff skills
Click on a room to bring up its panel on the right side of the screen, then click Info. Here, it will tell you how to improve results. IE, for General Diagnosis, it will state to "use a nurse trained in Diagnosis". Do not waste time, money or resources hiring staff who are trained in things like "Bedside Manner", "Emotional Intelligence", "Motivation", "Training Masterclass", or a combination of Treatment and Diagnosis, or GP and Diagnosis. If you absolutely need to do so because the Hire Staff window keeps screwing you over with worthless applications and you're desperate for a Doctor or Nurse of sorts, then hire them temporarily until a more appropriate (or even untrained) member of staff becomes available, then fire them immediately after.

Occasionally you may need to research 'training upgrades' to allow you to train staff up to level 5.

The only exception to this is for the following rooms:
DNA Lab = To go along with the Genetics skill, the room will benefit from a doctor who has both Diagnosis and Treatment skills. A five star doctor in the DNA lab should be qualified in Genetics, Treatment II and Diagnosis II.

Surgery - Nurse = The nurses in surgeries should be the only staff in your hospital to have the qualifications "Bedside Manner", "Emotional Intelligence", "Motivation". Everything else is worthless in the surgery.

For the single stage qualifications, your Five Staff staff should be trained as follows:
X-Ray/MEGA Scanner - Radiology + Diagnosis IV
DNA Lab - Genetics + Diagnosis II + Treatment II
Pharmacy - Pharmacy Management + Treatment IV
Injection Room - Injection Administration + Treatment IV

Assistants = Customer Service should be their only skill, unless they're in Marketing, in which case, Marketing V.

Janitors = A handful of Janitors who have the "Mechanics" skill should be sufficient. No need for all Janitors to have it though, as you'll only need to upgrade a few machines a maximum of three times. There is zero reason to have a Janitor with "Mechanics V" except for *maybe* the Earthquake level, where you'll be replacing machines that blow up occasionally. Instead, aim to have them all on "Maintenance V" - you'll want repairs to be done quickly.

If you have a lot of staff with free training slots, consider a second or third training room just to get staff up to scratch.

Multiple GP Offices

I suggested setting the Queue Length warning to 4 just so that you can keep a close eye on how busy certain rooms start getting. The GP's office is the one room you will likely end up with many of, as it's the main bottleneck of your hospital. Start off with 1 GP's office, but the moment you start seeing queues above 10, arrange a second one. Otherwise, you'll find that all of your Diagnosis and Treatment rooms will be largely empty (and therefore costing you money rather than making it), whilst the area with your GP's office is crowded and full of people dying. Take a loan if you have to to buy a second plot of land.

Before you consider a third GP's office, look to see if you can train them first. Try and train them up as much as you can. Higher skilled GP's diagnose patients faster (a GP V can even sent some patients straight for treatment, eliminating queues elsewhere for the more valuable patients). If you've trained them all you can and still getting queues of 10+, build a 3rd, same with the 4th and onwards.

Apply the same principal with every other room, as staffs higher skills will speed up the diagnosis/treatment process.

In Croquembouche I obtained 3 stars with 12 GP's hovering around a queue of 6-8 for each one, 3 Surgeries, 3 Psychiatrists and 2 of each Diagnosis room. I hadn't yet trained everyone to Stage V.

If you've accidentally arranged too many GP's and their queues are sitting between 0-3, then consider a marketing department to fill the hospital up again. Only ever market for rooms you have multiple treatment rooms of, or something like a Ward/Fracture Ward with at least two nurses in them. Otherwise you'll find that your poor Pharmacy ends up with a queue of 30+, and then you suddenly have a huge death wave because your poor nurse can't keep up!

Assign duties.
Bottom left of the screen, click on the "Characters" slide -> Staff -> "Job Assignment". Make sure that trained GP's are only ever allowed in GP rooms. You don't want your Surgeon V's inefficiently pissing about in an X-Ray whilst your Diagnosis V doctors are "Looking for Work".

This can be quite difficult to keep on top of, but I found that in the "Rooms" build menu, you can see how many of each room you have by moving your mouse over and viewing the tooltip. This can help you calculate how many of each trained nurse/doctor you need in your hospital.

There's no reason to make Treatment/Diagnosis doctors/nurses stick to one room. This is how I essentially assigned duties;
External image

Note: Many of the furniture I'm listing below is unlockable with Kudosh and should be unlocked ASAP before any other silly rug or canvas you might want. If you don't see the furniture in the list, then it's because it's unlocked in the campaign by 3 Starring certain levels (like the Encyclopedia Bookcase II).

Ensure that every room except Toilets, Training and Cafe's have a hot chocolate desk and a sweet dispenser. This keeps staff happy, and should be top priority, even if money is tight.

If you feel confident in your income, GP's, Pharmacies, and most diagnosis rooms will benefit greatly from Medicine Cabinets. I tend to place ~5 in each of those rooms.

Training rooms should have as many Encyclopaedia Bookcase II's, Anatomy Models and Brain Anatomy Posters as I could fit (example:
External image
). The Bookcases are expensive though, so only buy those when you can afford to.

Psychiatry rooms should have the Medicine Cabinet until you unlock the "Treatment Bookcase" and "Diagnosis Bookcase", in which case you choose those instead.

When you really have money, aim to have all of the rooms, including Staff Rooms, Toilets and Reception, at Prestige Level 5 to keep both staff and patients happy. You can do this easily by doing the above suggestions as well as filling the room up with "Gold Star Awards".

Hope this all helps! Feedback for further suggestions is welcome in the comments, and I'll amend if necessary.
Lost in LimboSo apparently my tracker for this (and the other stars) achievement has frozen on 97% and won’t pop! I now have 47 stars and nothing! Really don’t want to restart! 😢
Posted by Lost in Limbo on 04 May 20 at 20:50
segagamerIf after earning another star in another hospital it's still not increasing properly, I strongly recommend reaching out to the development team on or - they seem to respond quite often.
Posted by segagamer on 05 May 20 at 06:58
Lost in LimboYeah I’ve e-mailed them so just waiting on a reply, hopefully they can sort it, their office is only 10 mins down the road from me so they better!!! 😂😂
Posted by Lost in Limbo on 05 May 20 at 20:42
segagamerThis also affected me by the way - I didn't get the 63 Stars achievement and am stuck at 98%. Keep me posted! I've emailed as well.
Posted by segagamer on 11 May 20 at 06:11
segagamerI managed to get 72 stars.

What I did was revisit all of my hospitals and eventually it popped. Hope it works for you!
Posted by segagamer on 21 May 20 at 14:02
TheOnlyMattoMine froze at 30 stars but by replaying a level for 10 seconds it popped.
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 03 Nov 20 at 16:52