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Attach all electrical cables in 35 seconds or less in "Thermal"

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30 Apr 2020 04 May 2020
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AFTER the first cable end is connected is when the timer starts.
After you enter the room with the massive drill in the center get all the cables into the connector room. Green is on top off the far tan room. Blue is in that room under green. Yellow is in the middle of the floor. Red is in the connector room up the stairs. After the first cable end is connected the 35 seconds counts down. Connect all 8 ends of the cables into the correct colors and as long as you do it under 35 seconds it will pop. This may be easier in coop but is definately doable solo.

*edit* thanks to elquietone if not done under 35 seconds you can pull all the wires out and then try again without having to reload checkpoint or level
elquietoneJust to add to his solution, atm you can repeat it if the attempt fails to pop the achievement first time.. You DO NOT need to reload checkpoint if you fail.. Just pull all 8 back out line them up on the floor to set yourself up for the best possible time and try it again.
Posted by elquietone on 30 Apr at 15:56
RubensXthanks guys :)
Posted by RubensX on 30 Apr at 16:11
JuIIIianNice Solution, I Reloaded Checkpoint 4 times going for this, I wish I would of known you could just pull them out beforehand lol
Posted by JuIIIian on 30 Apr at 16:12
Robby7430Thanks for the tip elquietone I updated the solution!
Posted by Robby7430 on 30 Apr at 16:20
meanmachine832Great solution between you! Cheers again
Posted by meanmachine832 on 30 Apr at 16:45
I ASK NO ONEThat's frustrating lol
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 30 Apr at 16:58
Ar0nP1aYz05Tough achievement
Posted by Ar0nP1aYz05 on 01 May at 01:03
chrisonekHave someone unlock this and want help me?
Posted by chrisonek on 01 May at 11:01
HeptagrammatonI just want to confirm what elquietone said about not having to reload checkpoint. Just unplug all the cables and try again. It worked for me.

I started to have some doubts after I had a few attempts where I was like "Really? Goddammit, that wasn't below 35 seconds?!". Started to think "What if you DO need to reload the checkpoint, I'll be doing this forever".

Then I began to have a stopwatch running and saw that I was consistently putting in times between 36-40 seconds. So, obviously I wasn't fast enough. Finally I caught a break and made it in like 30 or 31 seconds. No checkpoint reloading. Just a lot of plugging and unplugging of cables.

So, don't despair people laugh

Btw, thanks for the great tip elquietone

For someone like me who had to make like 20 failed attempts it saved loads of time.
Posted by Heptagrammaton on 01 May at 15:08
Oh Nelly BellyDoes the time start right when you plug one end of the first cable in or once you completely plug the first cable in (both sides plugged in)?
Posted by Oh Nelly Belly on 01 May at 20:57
Robby7430@oh Nelly belly its after the first end of the first cable is plugged in is when the timer begins to countdown I'll update the solution to make it a little more clear
@heptagrammaton glad you got it those 35 seconds definately go by quick
Posted by Robby7430 on 01 May at 21:17
K4rn4geGood solution of course but obviously having 4 people is perfect for this achievement and makes it super easy since each of the 4 people can hold and put in a different one of the 4 wires.
Posted by K4rn4ge on 02 May at 04:26
auzzieCHEFFDAVELooking for help on this I’ve got it set up message me I need a second bad!
Posted by auzzieCHEFFDAVE on 24 May at 23:50
WwauLOL this needs 4 people for sure!!
Posted by Wwau on 27 May at 18:23
K3v N7looking for someone to do this with, pretty sure I got it really close on my own but need the extra help
Posted by K3v N7 on 16 Jun at 14:52
FOKENWOLFENIve done it on 29 or less and is not unlocking for me. restarted de checkpoint or chapter... nothing.
Posted by FOKENWOLFEN on 06 Jul at 19:30